Saturday, June 2, 2018

They Don't Make It Easy

Nothing is ever easy, that's for sure.

As noted from a previous post, Chad was denied being able to return to work due to the restrictions the surgeon put on him. He tried to get in to see the surgeon to re-evaluate the restrictions but he was told they would not move the appointment up and they would see him on June 13th.

June 13th! No. Needless to say, this was ridiculous to me. Chad has not had any income for the duration and this and he is perfectly capable of working. Where the doctor thinks he should be, based upon some imaginary timeline and where he actually IS in his recovery are worlds apart. The man is home, digging holes, mowing lawns, coaching baseball, etc., He's been walking without crutches for a month. He still wears his brace, of course. He is not 100% healed by any stretch of the imagination but he is not home-bound either.

So I did what I do best. I made them listen. ha ha! I made a phone call, I explained the situation and said we needed to see someone sooner, rather than later to lift the restrictions. So................

The appointment was on Friday and he has been cleared both by his doctor and his boss. He returns to work on Monday! *Happy Dance*

I think it will do him good, mentally as well, to get back into his routine.

The crappy news is, he has not been feeling well at all lately. His digestion is worse than ever, he has bloody bowel movements, cramping is off the charts and he is getting dizzy and nauseous all the time. He has a CT Scan a couple weeks ago - all clear. He had a colonoscopy in March, all clear. Blood work is all good. There is clearly something not right but all the test indicate he's perfectly fine.

I've told him to call the doctor and go see them but he refused and now he returns to work on Monday and has no time off. So - I don't know. I don't know what this means, where it's going or if it's just going to be more of the same. It's a shitty reality (literally and figuratively) when your only option is to 'deal with it', this is 'your new normal'. It's hard on him and it's actually hard on me as well.

As always, with every aspect of my life for the past.... *insert number* years.... taking it one day at a time.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

CT Scan Results

Still have not been posted and no doctor bothered to follow up with us. I had Chad call the doctor to see if they could get any information because Chad has not been well for a couple days.

He is having really bad cramping and vomiting as a result. However - results are ALL CLEAR! It's been just over three years since that fateful day and while the fear of recurrence isn't in your face AS much, it's still there and it rear's its ugly head from time to time. Especially when symptons that could be linked to cancer show up in folds.

But for now, we go on living for another six months. :)

The meeting at his work did not go well and they will still not approve him to return to work. The Orthopedic Surgeon is out until Tuesday so we cannot even get back in to see them. It's beyond frustrating because A) He has had no income for months and God knows when they'll let him back and B) He needs to get out of the house. For both our sake! HA HA!

As always, with much love and gratitude -  I thank you for your support and prayers <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Grrr - Delays

A couple quick things of note.

Chad had a CT Scan on Friday. He gets them every 6 months. The results are still not posted for those. We are, as always, praying that he remains cancer free. He also had blood work done but they didn't run the tumor marker tests. I swear these doctors and nurses are new and can't keep their patient requirements straight. It's kind of frustrating.

We were hoping Chad would've returned to work this week but they denied it due to the restrictions the surgeon put on him (for his knee), He's been following up with it and his work is going to have a meeting today to see if there's anything they can do. God willing.

He is still having pain and stiffness. His recovery has gone well but we know this is going to be a long road for rehabilitation.

I'll update again once I get some more news!

Thanks for the love and support!