Friday, February 9, 2018

Pain Management Consult

We traveled to Marion today for a consult for Pain Management for Chad's back. It was uneventful but we really liked the doctor.

The current next step is going back to Marion for an MRI of his spine to confirm whether the trouble is disc or muscle related. That is on Feb 12.

His Colonoscopy is still scheduled for March 8 at 12:30 so we'll be praying for clear results there :)

Other than that, taking it one day at a time and being thankful for each moment <3

Thanks for your love and support

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Merry Christmas and Thank You!

2017 is coming to a close and I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Chad had his last doctor appointment of 2017 yesterday with Dr. Swain. A General Surgeon at our local hospital. He is the same doctor who removed Chad's appendix and essentially, unknowingly, made Chad cancer free :)

Chad has to have an annual colonoscopy and since his oncologist waited so long to schedule it, they couldn't get him in at the VA hospital so thankfully, we were able to go local. However, they're also packed and he won't have the procedure until March, 2018.

He is doing physical therapy twice a week and we now have a lumbar home traction device, so we're hopeful it helps him and brings about a less painful 2018.

For everyone out there who continues to offer support and friendship - we love you!

From our home to yours, we wish you all a very safe, happy and HEALTHY holiday season!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

PET Scan Results

This has been a very stressful few days. Chad's PET Scan was done on Thursday. The reason the test was ordered was because his whack job Oncologist ordered a weird tumor marker test and his results were elevated.

In an effort to calm my nerves, I did my own research and found that there could've been any number of reasons why the results were high and that it didn't necessarily mean cancer. Why did I have to do my own research? Because Chad's oncologist never called us to discuss the results.

Fast forward to a month ago when Chad took in his 24-hour urine test (Which was supposed to work in conjunction with the other test with elevated results) I checked and the results were posted within 48 hours. We never received any follow-up, yet again, from the oncologist so I, yet again, did my own research and was able to determine that Chad's results were on the high side of normal but definitely normal and didn't trigger any immediate red flags.

We carried on living.

Then the PET Scan arrived. We were told the results would be sent to Chad's oncologist within 24-48 hours. So Monday at the latest. We called Monday and left a message with the oncology office to see if the results were back. No response.

I called Tuesday morning - first thing. By the end of business day, still nothing so I called again. Left another message.

Chad did receive a call from Marion IL around 5 PM but there was no voicemail so we had no idea who it was or what it was about. (They call to remind you of appointments, etc.,)

So I called again this morning and said we had received a call, no voicemail. So if it was her, please call again. Sooner the better.

The end of the day was approaching and STILL nothing. I was losing my cool. Long story short, I called and was treated horribly. So much so, I ended the conversation in tears. I asked this asshat "Mike" who works for the oncologist office to let the doctor know that if she did not phone my husband with the test results within the hour, my next step would be contacting patients advocate office. Due to the man who answered the phone being a rude, condescending jerk - I called them anyways to file a complaint against him (left a message)

Wouldn't you know it. Within ten minutes Chad got a phone call from his oncologist.  I find it really sad and quite pathetic that a doctor,  an ONCOLOGIST, knowing how anxious and concerned your patiently obviously is - only bothers to make a phone call once they receive the threat of their negligence being reported.

Chad took the phone call and let her know he was dissatisfied with her communication. She seemed almost surprised he wanted her to phone him if the results were good. What? How are we supposed to even know that?  Of course you phone your patient to let them know the results of the damn test.

If you didn't catch that? None of this other drama matters, because yes.. the test results were good!

While she didn't give any in-depth explanation,  the results look fine and there's nothing of concern so - while I wish getting here would've been less stressful - it looks like Chad remains NED! (No Evidence of disease)

We thank God and we thank YOU for your never ending concern and best wishes. It was indeed the best belated birthday gift he could have received <3