Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Quick Update: CT Scan

Chad called his oncologist and she is out of the office. The earliest they could get him in for a CT Scan is October 16th. He called his local doctor again and she said his best chance is going to the ER here, locally. She doesn't think we should be waiting until the 16th if his pain is that bad. He is going to give it a day or two and if not better, we will take him to the ER here in town. Explain what is going on, the pain, the bloating, history of cancer, dehydration, etc., and see if they will run the test here. The doctor wanted Chad to go today - but he won't.

So, it is what it is.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

So Over This.

Is it okay to be frustrated? Because I am. Probably not as bad as Chad though,

The Good News: Blood has stopped.
Bad News: He is soooo sore, tender and BLOATED.

We thought he was over this. We thought he was getting better. And here we are again. Getting worse. again.

We have to go to Marion for an X-Ray. I am trying to convince him to get in touch with his Oncologist to have the CT Scan/Oncology appointment moved up so we can get it all done at once and start figuring out what is actually going on.

For right now, I am frustrated. I just want him to smile again. :(

Much Love xo

Monday, September 25, 2017

Tough Times In The Neighbourhood

Chad had an appointment on Friday with his doctor, as well as blood tests. People have asked how everything went but I was waiting for the blood work results prior to posting. The appointment itself went fine but there's some other stuff happening that is deeply concerning.

The Appointment: Due to staffing issues, Chad hasn't really had a proper doctor in a couple of years. He finally has one and she seems pretty decent. She reviewed his history, addressed his most current concerns and has started the ball rolling to address his back issues.

I checked the blood results and everything looked decent there. He still has a high reading in one area that hasn't changed in about a year. And he is also showing signs of dehydration which the doctor called on Friday. I think Chad is finally on board with consuming more water ;)

His oncologist ordered a new tumor marker test called Chromogranin A but that blood needs to be sent all over hell and creation before we get those results.

The Bad News: This is the concerning stuff. Chad has had pain, pressure, bloating and cramping again. Saturday night, after we ate he was having really bad pains and had to lay down on the couch. He later came to me to inform me that his bowel movement left a toilette full of blood. This is never a good thing. It has happened before and the doctors ran tests and nothing ever indicated a cause. His colonoscopies were always clear but he is do for another in a few months.

My personal opinion is he may have had a SBO (blockage) that has finally begun to clear but in doing so caused inflammation/irritation of his colon which produced the blood. He's only had one bowel movement since (maybe two) and there's been a bit of blood there, but not as significant.

Today he has the same pressure/pain in his side and under his rib cage. He is going to put in a call to his doctor and also go see his chiropractor after work.

As always, I am hoping and praying this is nothing serious. It's just so difficult sometimes when you consider his history with aggressive cancers. I will update whenever I have something to share.

Many, many thanks for all the love, continues prayers, blessings and signs of support that you all share. Those of you who actually care - it shows. It really does. And \it always warms my heart xo

Hopefully the next time you hear from me on here, it will be with a bit of better news!