Monday, August 8, 2016

Therapy Update

Chad has been going to therapy for a couple weeks now. I can't say it is making a huge difference yet but hopefully it will in time and allow him the ability to keep working until his surgery.

He has been having some major digestion related issues again.  He always says he feels something isn't right. :( It is difficult because we have to listen to our bodies - but what do you do when all the tests tell you everything is 'normal'? Just sit around and wait until something does show up? God willing it never does.

His back and neck issues suck because they're present and affecting his daily life but nothing sucks more than the cancer that seems to always be looming around the corner. The fear it will come back. The fear something else really major will happen. All we can do is keep pushing it back and keep on living.

Within the past week two people I've met through my online Support Group have passed away. The news from both of these completely broke my heart. I cannot even put it into words... If you could keep their friends and families in your prayers tonight, I would be truly appreciative. xoxo