Cavitt Cure Foundation

The Cavitt Cure Foundation is an up and coming non-profit organization that's mandate is to financially assist families with Appendix cancer or other rare cancers. I have been researching what is involved in commencing an organization like this and there is quite a bit involved but it is still something I will slowly build towards in the coming months.

As many of you know, when Chad got sick - life got very, very difficult.  We were down to one income with a mountain of expenses and worries on our mind. Our friends and family were the biggest support base with their donations as there were very few organizations out there aimed at helping people like us. I dedicated this post to the amazing foundations that actually did reach out to help us. Air Compassion for Veterans, BobMC Foundation, New Day Foundation, Southwest Airlines and Red Stag stepped up to the plate. I don't expect our little "Cavitt Cure" foundation to end up being a huge thing mainly due to time and resources but my personal goal is to help at least one family a year, in some small way.

We will look into some local fund raising in our community but we may also do merchandise that, if you want, you can purchase in support of the cause and 100% of the profits will be dedicated towards this organization and helping families in the future!

Update: November 9, 2015.

Due to continued health struggles and financial set-backs, we've not yet set up this foundation, so we're unable to have fund raisers, etc., at this time. For the time being - we are just helping families as we're able from our own pockets. Thus far, we've been able to help two different families with a monetary donation. We'll continue to do this as our life permits!

If you do want to contribute to helping families as well under the Cavitt Cure, let me know and we promise every cent donated will go in a fund for other families. With that said, we don't have anything official to offer yet besides our word :) 

Cavitt Cure, Appendix Cancer Awareness Bands - $2-3 (Shipping Included within USA)
Exterior: Chad Cavitt Cure - No One Fights Alone
Interior: Thanks For Your Support

Please Remember: This is something up and coming. At this time, I am just soliciting feedback. You can email me at or send me your input on Facebook. Technically, we have some bands currently but I would rather not start collecting for the organization until we have our own life in order and get things launched officially and legally. If you still want to help our family directly, you can find information here.


  1. I'm not a wristband wearer, but, I would totally buy one in support. I definitely like the T-shirt!

  2. I support the fight and would wear anything!!!

  3. I support the fight and would wear anything!!!

  4. Good day to the Cavitt family. We used the wrist bands to raise funds before and they went over well with younger folks (most likely do its more an "in thing" for them and the price is low enough). I personally get one to just support over wearing it. The apparel is always a nice choice to offer and the more styles of t-shirts / shirts will help boost that income (due to personal style taste). My top selling items, just to help with possible other items to offer, are jewelry ~ mugs ~ note cards. Another route you can go with is using Cafepress where they offer well over 80 products (taking all the royalties from it to help your awareness cause, they also offer a T-Fund program, and they ship directly to customers. They have a nice set-up now so you can thank your customers for ordering. If the item is hand made or hand painted you can sell via, really there is endless possibilities. Good luck and keep that sun on your faces.