Friday, May 26, 2017

Hernia Surgery

In the chaos that was last week, I got side-tracked from updating the blog. Chad has heard back from Dr. Swain's office. He is the General Surgeon who originally found and diagnosed Chad's cancer back in 2015 and also the surgeon who will be repairing his hernia.

The surgery is on June 20, 2017. A little less than one month away.

Chad took the call from the doctor so I am unable to provide specifics until the surgery package comes in the mail.  My guess however, is that Dr. Swain will at least attempt the repair laparoscopically and while in there, have a look around to see if he can figure out/fix some of Chad's digestions/bloating issues.

Of course, my prayer is that everything goes well and when he does go inside, he sees nothing major of concern (In other words, NO CANCER) and successfully repairs his hernia without complications.  I imagine the hospital stay depends on the surgery performed and the outcome. It could be anything from an outpatient stay to a week in the hospital. Once we know more - you'll know more!

Neck Surgery - Dependent upon the hernia surgery. We do have approval for it though. We're still waiting on further approval for physical therapy and pain management.

Many, many thanks for the continued prayers, love and support!