Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sometimes I Get So Angry

Before I go on my rant, I'll do a quick update on Chad's health.

We spent some time in the ER last week. Unrelated to any of his current ailments. He did something and pulled a muscle in his back/side. He was in a lot of pain and couldn't breath or move. His concern was a broken rib or something related to the spinal injury. 

The X-Ray showed nothing of concern (don't they always lol) so we went on our merry way. It's a slow trek but he is improving. He's coaching Pinto Baseball (and doing a marvelous job if I do say so myself) He is keeping busy around the house and seems to be doing fairly well *knock on wood*. Pain of course, don't get me wrong but he soldiers on and pushes through it. There's even a job prospect in the near future - so any prayers and positive vibes would be much appreciated! 

Now it's time to vent. Unrelated to Chad. Well Kinda.


 I truly, truly do. I hate it. A friend of mine who I know through work was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last Fall and is now on her last days and it absolutely devastates me. This woman had the best attitude about life, she was always happy and joking around and I believe her mission in life was to make people smile.  She did that and the legacy she'll leave behind will continue to bring smiles and warmth to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her.

I hate cancer. I just really, really hate it. :'(

Friday, April 15, 2016

He's Smiling :)

I just wanted to give a quick update and let you all know we're still kickin'! Chad is still bloated (some days worse than others) and having irregular bowel movements but they're moving so that's what is important! His neck and back is still hurting but the spasms are back to a minimum.

More importantly, he's been smiling and happy :) I know he still hurts and he pushes through so much pain but I can't tell you how much it makes my heart smile to see him joking around and just being happy. He endures so much every day with the pain, it's such a relief to know - despite it all - life can still be good.

So that's all. No big changes except the frowns are looking a lot more like smiles lately :)

Baseball season starts on Saturday and Chad is the coach so things are about to get even MORE busy in Kentucky! We're so blessed to be given each day. Thank you all for your love and support ! xo

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spasms, Spasms Go Away!

And please don't ever return. Ever.

Chad's neck spasms are back. We have no idea what he's done to aggravate it but they're fairly bad. As usual, he is pushing through it but it's so stressful. How can he return to any sort of, even-remotely, physical job if even moving around causes this excruciating pain?

His stomach is also bad and cramping and insanely bloated. It's a mixture between weight gain and bloating. Some days the distention goes down and is much smaller but most days, he stays pretty bloated. He tried changing up his diet to a low residue but it's slow going. I still worry something more sinister is happening and I almost wish it were June so we could get a CT Scan again to remove that worry.

With that said, he keeps pushing forward and takes whatever life throws at him.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and for always checking in!

Shannon and Chad