Monday, March 30, 2015

Set-Back On Schedule!

We went to the Marion, IL Veterans Hospital today for Chad's follow-up appointment for his wound issues. While it was definitely a minor set-back, it is healing on schedule! There is no infection and within a month's time, it should continue to heal and grow back together.

We still have to pack the wound and change the dressing twice daily but that's a small price to pay. God Willing, his stomach pains and cramps will begin to subside some. That's his biggest issue right now in terms of being comfortable!

Thanks everyone for keeping in touch with us :) We are waiting on Chad's first appointment with the VA Oncologist. Hopefully  life will be uneventful for awhile eh? ;)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

'Normal' Is As Normal Does

There's not a whole lot to report tonight (thankfully!) You know what they say, "No news, is good news". Chad is having a decent day. He has his usual pains and is 'backed up' a bit but still smiling! Tonight we were treated to dinner by a dear friend Nancy! It was Chad's first official "Celebration" in his fight against Cancer!

Haven was working so we'll take her next time but we also are considering having a little gathering somewhere for those locally (or who want to travel). We've also contemplated starting a small non-profit organization that can help families, the same way that so many have helped us. Chad is thinking about a charity baseball game and stuff. All this will come in due time but we really want to give back and help people who end up in the same crazy seat as we did. We won't be able to do a lot obviously but even if we can help a couple families a year, it would so be worth it. Cavitt Cure would be it's name. :)

Kentucky plays tonight in the Elite Eight, so I don't need to tell you what we'll be doing! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Unrelated - But Good News

I mentioned a few times in this blog about Chad potentially having a rare blood disease called Porphyria. We followed up with and spoke to the doctors today, and all the test came back negative! Thankfully he has one less rare disease to worry about!

His stomach pains that he's experienced over the past number of years may still be unexplained, if not caused by the cancer (that [part is unclear) - but for now, we'll take it as a blessing that we can check that one off of the list.

Chad is having an okay day. His wound is healing but he still has a follow-up on Monday with the VA surgeon. We are also waiting for our first appointment with the VA Oncologist to discuss Chad's Health plan for the future. Scans, Blood Work and ... Chemotherapy (if required)! Continued thanks for the continued prayers and support! x

Life in the Cavitt house hold is moving forward. We spent last night cheering alongside the Big Blue Nation. Chad's daughter came over and I must admit they made a striking pair :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Silly Fears

This entry is a look into my mind - proceed with caution. I am a part of this online Support Group and most of the people who are active are either struggling with the disease, just finding out about or are long time advocates. The success stories, while popping up from time to time, are few and far between.

People don't generally stick around and look for support when life is good. They move on and live. This road has been so difficult, I cannot even put into words the amount of conflicting emotions that have gone through my head. When I first started to research thing, the statistics scared the living hell out of me. I just found my husband less than five years ago - I was not ready to lose him.

I have always felt in my heart, we would get through this and it would be okay. The night of Chad's diagnosis I went to the Chapel. Now, I've never been a super religious person. I've always believed in God but I didn't necessarily grasp or connect the Bible to the beliefs I felt in my heart. This is a new journey I am on at the present time, so while I never would have said I was 'religious', I was always spiritual.

 That night when I went to the chapel in the hospital and I got on my knees before the stained glass - I prayed. Or may I have just cried out loud but I asked God to help me because I needed Him more than I have ever needed anything or anyone in my entire life. If you're not religious, if you're not a believer - you may think this will sound like a whole lot of hog wash - but as I knelt there, hands clasped, tears rolling down my face in waterfall-like streams, I felt the warmest most calming sensation take over my entire body. It started at my head and went down the entire length of my spine, through to my feet. Was this a divine intervention or just a body reaction ?  You decide. But for me, it meant - ever since that moment - I was putting my faith where it belonged.

Maybe I am what some coin a born again Christian. Maybe I'll never be as good as I should be or understand as much as I need to. But I am going to try, try to educate myself once again and build the relationship with God that I feel I need to.

I didn't mean to go on a rant about my beliefs, but it's semi-connected to my opening thought.

As I read through the posts on the Support Group, as I think about the future treatment options for Chad - I get so scared. I have to remind myself of the blessings we've already received. I have to remind myself of my faith and that feeling I had the very first night all of this went down and how God has been so good in carrying us through this journey. And even if we do encounter bumps in the road - everything will be okay.

But I still have fears. Silly or otherwise. Cancer is scarey and even though we've had positive strides thus far, I am still terrified. I know I have to live for 'now'. I KNOW I have to focus on the positive. And I still feel everything happens for a reason and we will beat whatever comes to us. But yes, I still get scared. So I still pray. And I ask you all out there who do the same, to please keep us in your prayers. That Chad's healing goes well and that nasty hateful disease never enter his body again.

He has reached a bit of a plateau at the moment. Some pains come and go, some stick around but I think right now 'patience' is key to his recovery. He just wants to be healthy again. Live again. Be normal. And he will. Just taking a little time! xo

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beware - Weak Stomach's Need Not Look

We traveled to the VA Hospital in Illinois yesterday to have Chad's incision looked at. While they didn't do what we originally thought they would, they did open him up at skin level to expose the 'opening' beneath, so it could heal. This opening already existed under the skin and was holding fluid, which was draining partially. The concern was, the pinhole it was leaking from would heal over, then it would drain down inside his body, causing tunneling and possible infection.

The result was opening him up and giving us this bad boy to look at! I have to pack this wound a couple times a day to help draining and the end goal is that the wound heal from the bottom up, closing on it's own. Oh the joys of recovery. Minor set-back but fortunately, there was no infection present!

Chad has been feeling nauseous the past few days and has been having some bad stomach cramps, so we're praying these symptoms alleviate themselves over the next few days and his recovery continues!

There is a follow-up appointment with the surgeon who did this on Monday. God willing everything heals as it should between now and then!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Special Thanks To Special People

I want to do two blogs today because I need to take some time to thank some very specific people and organizations. I mentioned some previously in a prior blog - but I want to dedicate an entire entry to these groups.

The first thanks goes to everyone who offered prayer, friendship, positive vibes and support. The second goes to individuals who donated to the fund and helped our family lessen those day to day concerns. These specific groups stepped up and really helped our family in a time of need.

Air Compassion For Veterans - They provided our flights for our first consult with Dr. Sardi. Their aim is to help veterans who need to travel for medical treatment and they were such a blessing during those first days. I am sure we will have to use them again (and they're more than willing, provided they're able) as Chad's VA insurance doesn't cover travel. Incredible group that helps our Veterans!

The BobMC Foundation - Their website doesn't seem to be functioning but this organization came after the debacle with the "Hope" Lodge. Bob is a former patient of Dr. Sardi's and has bursaries to help families with lodging and travel. They were able to contribute towards our lodging which was a huge help!

 New Day Foundation For Families - A friend of mine from Facebook suggested I touch base with them, so I did. An incredibly compassionate woman named Chrissie got back to me almost immediately and completely touched my heart with her empathy.  The conversations with her were almost therapeutic and they have completely moved me with their desire to help!

Southwest Airlines - While we didn't contact them directly, we had airline tickets from Dr. Sardi's office. They have a remarkable program that helps people fly to their treatments for free. It was so hassel free and they were incredibly helpful in transporting Chad on the return flight. It is absolutely amazing work that they do.

The Red Stag Tavern - While this is not an 'organization' like the others, they have stepped up in a big, big way. A friend of mine from back home is employed here and she brought forth Chad's story as a potential fund raising event. The amazing thing is, they selected our family and are hosting a fund raiser all week long and will donate a portion of their nacho sales to us. It's remarkable what people will do for people they've never met. So if you're ever in Halifax, Nova Scotia - you MUST stop by this establishment and have some great food! And please drink a Keith's for me, as I miss my favorite beer so much!

There have been other major contributions, such as both Chad and I's bosses who helped us in more ways than one. Of course our very generous friends and family - but I highlighted these organizations because this is what most of them do every day. They reach out and help people cover expenses that would otherwise cripple a family with worry. I urge you to read about them and if you ever want to contribute to a fund, find comfort in knowing these people truly do help families in need. They helped us. And we'll be forever thankful.

Mini-Surgery Monday

We have an appointment on Monday at the Marion, IL Veteran hospital to get Chad's incision looked at. As mentioned previously, there is some leakage and while it may be normal - they want to be safe over sorry - so we will be meeting a surgeon on Monday who will do a small cut and insert what they call a "whick" (however it is spelled)

Basically, the put some wet gauze and some dry gauze into his belly and pull a bit out day by day and then re apply the dressing. This will remove the liquid to ensure it does not drain into the body. The opening itself will have to heal on its own. It is a minor set-back but in the end, it is better to do what you have to do than risk infection.

The GOOD news about this is that they tested the liquid and did a culture and it came back negative for infection. As always, we'll take our victories when we get them!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Small Set-Back With Recovery

This part is difficult for me because I've done a ton of research and read what to expect during recovery and it seems (to me) that Chad is progressing normally. However, there is some drainage and since Chad is so concerned about it, they are err'ing on the side of caution and have ordered a whick of some sort to drain the wound to ensure it doesn't drain inside. Hopefully, they'll allow us to get a doctor to do it locally but it may mean another trip to Illinois.

His stomach still seems distended more than it should be and I am not sure if that's gas or just healing. Other people who have gone through this have said they all experienced these same symptoms so hopefully they'll clear up in time.

We're asking for prayers for continued healing. He's come so far and has been so blessed, we want to stay on that track!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bye Bye Stitches!

Chad got his staples out today. Honestly, it looked better before they were removed. Now it's all scabby and red but hopefully that is normal. I've put a call into the doctor about his belly being swollen as well as the area that is still leaking (covered by the bandage).

The removal of the staples caused quite a bit of pain but God willing everything will heal smoothly. He really has to take it easy to make sure his belly doesn't suddenly POP open! Yikes! Don't mind all the tape residue, he's really not that dirty ha ha! I reckon he will be left with one massive scar.

I'll let everyone know what the doctor says when I hear back. Until then, rest, rest, rest!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Go Away You Silly Puss!

Chad's belly is leaking! I will do you all a favor and spare you a photo :oP ! We have an appointment on Wednesday morning to get his staples out (I won't be as kind on Wednesday, prepare yourselves for photographic proof!) and this area that is leaking drained, to avoid infection.

He woke up this morning in some serious pain, leaning on an 8 out of 10. Part of his was his back and part his belly. Chad has always had issues with his Kidney, when he sleeps too long and lays on his back for an extended period of time. The poor babe was so exhausted that he passed out while watching some sport related event and woke up five and a half hours later in pain. The pain sucks, but I am relieved he finally got a few hours of solid sleep.

Today will be a normal day for the Cavitt Clan (I hope)! My house was drained of food while I was away, so I need to make a serious trip to the grocery store. Anyone else love grocery shopping as much as me? *sarcasm* Actually, I am looking forward to doing something 'normal'!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kentucky Recovery

Chad and I (and our family) are ready for life to return to 'normal'. Whatever that new normal may be. We are home and will be staying put for awhile. We arrived back safely on Wednesday but due to an amazing turn of events ended up travelling back to Nashville on Friday. We managed to get free tickets to the SEC Basketball tournament. Those of you who know Chad, know that he is a huge sports fan but even more so a huge Kentucky Wildcats Basketball fan - so to be given these free tickets as a gift from the SEC Commissioner Mike Slive himself (and considering the year the Cats are having) it was just too much of a dream come true for Chad to pass up. He literally checked off an item on his bucket list!

It was a fabulous weekend and while he pushed himself a little too hard, he made memories that will last a lifetime (a very LONG lifetime since he has another 100 years left ;)!!) Now? We focus on healing. Chad will have a doctor's appointment this week to get the staples removed and then in a month for follow up blood work. He will have scans every 6 months for the next five years and then once a year following. He will also have an annual colonscopy. We will continue to pray for a long healthy live with no recurrence of that dirty awful cancer The chemotherapy regime is still be to determined.

It will take 2-3 more months for Chad to recover before he can return to work but in the mean time, we are going to live day by day and cherish each moments. We'll spend our days laughing, at the baseball field, and surrounded by family and friends.

Cancer sucks These past few months have been more challenging than anything I have ever faced, but there have been some silver linings.

We've grown closer as a couple and Chad has reunited with family and friends which has made a huge difference in his life. And we've reunited with God and found a new home in a church. We both loved the championship game today but we'd be lying if we said we didn't miss being able to go to church. Crazy how life an change on a dime.

I look forward to much more positive energy, encouraging news and a long healthy life with my husband ...

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Big Results

When we first went to see Dr. Sardi in February - we were given a few scenarios of what could have happened. The plan has always been to begin laproscopically and have a look around;

1. Best Case Scenario: Sees nothing. Sews him up back and sends us on our way.
2. Worst Case Scenario One: Sees Cancer spread, opens him up, does cytroductive surgery and HIPEC.
3. Worst Case Scenario Two: The cancer spreads to the lymph nodes.

Surgery determined that the cancer did not spread to the abdominal cavity. While they DID open him up, it was very good news. So since then, we've just been waiting on the lymph node results. We got those yesterday morning.

They biopsied all areas of him stomach, the colon, spleen, etc., including 30 lymph nodes. I am beyond thrilled to announce that there was absolutely zero evidence of cancer - anywhere. Including his lymph nodes. 0 out of 30 showed invasion. It was a truly amazing day with the best news we could have possibly heard. Dr. Sardi is amazing and even went so far as to say it means there is a low chance of recurrence.Chad may not even need chemotherapy, it will be a decision he and his local oncologist make. He still had the most aggressive strand, which is Signet Ring Cell, so in MY un-medical-professional opinion, I think he should still consider it and take an aggressive approach because we want to do everything we can to lower the chance of recurrence. But that will be a decision made in time.

Now? He has to heal.

We need to breath. I know people keep saying how 'lucky' Chad is and even when I say it myself, it burns. How can someone who was handed such a grim diagnosis be considered lucky? Someone who hasn't been able to work for months and won't be able to work for many more months, be considered lucky? I have spent every waking hour of the past two months on edge, reading, researching and fighting... My husband HAD cancer. I guess he would be considered in 'remission' now? He wasn't lucky. But he has been blessed. Because things could have been so much worse and we are just so beyond thankful that divine intervention has allowed him to fight this as effectively as he has thus far. And God willing, we are able to continue fighting it so we never have to see it again.

When Chad was in the ER on January 3rd, prior to all of this happening, with stomach pains - a random ER doctor had a theory as to what kept causing these severe stomach attacks.  Porphyria. It is a blood disease (a rare one of course!) that results from a build up of chemicals in the blood. It can be a fatal disease and affects the nervous system. It's a frightening thing to consider. With that said, many people who carry the gene never see a symptom (or at least aren't aware of it) The doctor sent out for the test but we never did hear anything back and since we were dealing with the cancer diagnosis - never really thought much of it.

Until one day when I was pouring over his medical records and came across the results. Looked positive to me but I wasn't sure. So prior to surgery I made sure to bring this up with the doctors which led to them bringing in a Blood Specialist. They ran a bunch of tests and while we only have 1 of the 9 back, it is elevated and may suggest Chad tested positive for Porphyria. A rare blood disease. What is it with my husband getting these rare diseases no one has ever heard of?

While we are still waiting on the finalized results - there is something interesting to consider. Porphyria has a few side effects when someone has an attack, one being sever abdominal pain due to infection of some sort. So, back on January 2nd - when we had that bad BBQ which got me sick (food poisoning?) and then got him sick - which led us to the ER. Back when we fought to get him admitted, back when his gallbladder just happened to be failing and they just happened to take out his appendix because "why not, its a useless organ"

.... Do you guys understand how all these weird, unrelated things just happened? Just because? If he didn't have porphyria... which became active during the food poisoning... We likely never would have gone to the hospital, they never would have seen his gallbladder was failing and his appendix would have still been in his body.

So if he DOES test positive for this crazy (and scarey blood disease) .. it very well may have saved his life.

I can't even handle the world anymore. The blessings. The what-if's. The "Can you imagines?"

It blows my mind. It absolutely blows my mind.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hospital - Discharge!

Chad had his surgery exactly one week ago - today, he was discharged! The recovery hit a snag but he is doing pretty well today! He still has pain (obviously) but was able to rectify the severe pain once the doctors finally listened to he and our favorite nurse on the planet! Let me just say, it is amazing what a laxative and an enema can do for a man! ;)

Once we got back to the hotel, Chad proceeded to tell me that the CAA Championship game was being held just a couple blocks down the road. I said "Yeah, that's nice"..I could tell he really wanted to go so I checked out the available seats and it looked like there were just too many steps involved.

So on a whim, I decided to write a few letters to random people including the CAA Facebook Page, as well as the actual Royal Farms Arena directly. Amazingly they not only acknowledged and responded, they went way above and beyond by giving us complimentary seats, meeting us with a wheel chair, by passing all the lines, gave us water and offered us the moon, which we politely declined as they had already done so much! They were so friendly it was just amazing!

One thing for sure, there are some really impressive people who live in Baltimore! Some of the nurses and assistants at the hospital, peope from Dr Sardis office, even Dr. Sardi himself. I am not sure if I mentioned it but once he came to see me after the surgery, he actually hugged me. And he initiated it! I have never seen a surgeon do something like that before, it blew me away!

I don't love the one-way streets, but I think Baltimore is growing on me! :)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hospital - Day Six and Seven

The plan was to be discharged and go to the hotel today but plans change. Yesterday was a moderately bad day for Chad due to back-up. Things stopped moving how they should and as of this morning, we were on day two without a decent bowel movement. The doctors considered this a minor set-back and wanted to keep him for another day.

There was some success this afternoon but he's back to being in pain. God willing, things work themselves out over night because as lovely as these people have been, I am ready to leave the hospital. With that said, I am also happy to stay as long as Chad needs to feel 'normal'.

My goal for right now is that by dinner time tomorrow Chad is feeling better, things are working how they should and we can get ready to relax in the comfort of a normal hotel room and begin getting back into the swing of things. But that may not happen, it may take another couple days ... There is a theory floating around that he may have an Ileus. Meaning, part of his bowel has fallen asleep. I just hope it wakes the hell up. I want my husband to feel better :(

I know, I know... Patience is a virtue.

In happier news. Our friend Kimmie and her boyfriend Mike drove down from Pennsylvania today for a visit and brought Chad some flowers :)  He doesn't usually enjoy those of the floral variety but he made a joke yesterday about being in the hospital and no one bringing him flowers. Kimmie caught wind of this via Facebook and naturally had to brighten his day! :) She's such a sweet heart!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hospital - Day Five - Ouch!

 At about 4:00 AM Chad ended up getting a sever burn and stabbing pain on his belly. He had some sort of allergic reaction to the tape they used, which has caused redness. He also has this bruise type of wound which is giving him grief. This is the third full day of recovery and we've been told by a few people that the third day is the worse. We're both hoping that is the case and this pain alleviates tomorrow.

Dr. Sardi came by today and it turns out he was serious yesterday when he mentioned being able to go home today. Fortunately they didn't kick us out because there's no effin' way Chad was ready to fend for himself! They have taken him off the IV fluid and drip meds and moved him to pills and the occasional injection for sever pain. I am hoping they let us stay until Saturday but regardless we will be staying in a hotel somewhere until Chad feels he can manage the trip back to Kentucky.

Today was a tough day for me emotionally. I know I need to take each day at a time but I am addicted to reading and researching this disease. I read some posts on the Support Group and people were discussion chemo and re occurrence so naturally I tried to see what was in store for Chad. Which is stupid. Because no one can predict the future but knowing Chad had at least some signet ring cell (the most aggressive type) it still scares the shit out of me. But I need to continue to be positive, continue to believe God intends for Chad to beat this and remind myself that whatever happens, we will always keep fighting.

Dealing with this stuff is just hard. Most of the people I have met in this journey have been such a blessing but there are some people who have left a bad taste in my mouth. The American Cancer Society employees at The Hope Lodge are some of those people. Each encounter I have had with them has been straight up unpleasant.  It is fine if they're unwilling or unable to help but to be so rude to people. They, of all people, should be trained in compassion considering the disease their foundation supports.

But those type of people are in the minority. Most have been kind and caring - like most of our nurses here. Some shine brighter than others, like Susan. All of them have been sweet but Susan is a level above because not only is she good at what she does, she is 'real'. She is someone we would be friends with outside of these walls and who brightens a room just by entering. Being a nurse is hard work, being a nurse in a cancer ward would be beyond difficult. I, for one, am thankful for these angels who work the 'front line'.

Chad is having another rough moment. Not necessarily pain but he feels 'off'. Nauseous, light headed... just doesn't feel 'right'. this shit makes me nervous.  :(

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hospital - Day Four - Physical Therapy

Chad completed his second round of physical therapy today and did so well that they don't want him to come back! (Either that or they think he is a crotchety old man and do not enjoy company) lol! But I will go with the former. Without going into too much detail, his body is functioning as it should and everything is moving in the appropriate fashion!

Dr. Sardi came by and said his incision looked good and even said about going home tomorrow! Granted, he better have been kidding because as well as Chad may be doing I don't think he's quite ready to make the commute back to Kentucky and be without a constant flow of pain medication.

This is the part that concerns me. Chad get injections every day that I will have to administer. I will have to change his dressing and ensure his incision is always clean and doesn't get infected. I know they will give him medication for the pain but there's no way it will compare to what he has here. So I am concerned how he will fare with only a few pills to pop.

God willing though, he is a fast healer and we do everything properly. His recovery will take close to three months. He will have to have colonoscopy's once a year now and he will have scans every so often. We won't know that until we get the lymph node results back. Please continue to pray that those show negative for cancer!

This journey has been so hard but I know we have been blessed. I know it could have been so much worse and the future is unpredictable. But for tonight? I am living in this moment. Knowing my husband is doing well beside me and will continue to fight to overcome this! From now until forever, we have to learn to live for today, cherish each moment and savor each memory. Life is too short to be anything but thankful for each day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hospital - Day Three - Recovery

The recovery period began today. Chad had a rough night and morning, pain wise. He had a hard time getting comfortable, which agitated him (and I believe made everything worse). The physical therapy team came to see him this morning and got him to stand, walk and do some preliminary movements to see where he was at. Then he sat up in a chair, which proved to be entirely too painful for him. Moving him back into bed was brutal... An hour or two after that, he was taken to the gym where they continued to do some more therapy. Surprisingly and thankfully, he did much better this time and has been in relatively good spirits all afternoon/evening. There was one minor episode where he got upset and got in pain again but other than that, he's doing well.

It may be some of the drugs helping to make him comfortable but I'll tell you this much - it does MY heart good to see him feeling better. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd... The Kentucky Wild Cats play in 15 minutes so that guarantees to cheer him up :)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hospital - Day 2 - Surgery

I am going to attempt to keep this post short because I am just emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted. Chad is currently passed out due to his anti-nauseous medicine, so I thought I would take a quick minute to update the blog. I am typing and checking his breathing every two minutes :) This stuff just makes me nervous.

When we first received this diagnosis and did the research on exactly what this cancer is and what it can do - it scared the living daylights out of me and it still does. It always will, for the rest of my life. From the very first day, once we absorbed the diagnosis - I took on the approach of "It could be much worse"....

Even on Day One, I have always believed God meant for Chad to get through this. There's been so many things along the way that left me in pure awe. While it absolutely, beyond sucks, that Chad has to go through this - it could have been so much worse.

We could have not had bad BBQ. Chad could have not gotten food poisoning or whatever caused his stomach pain. We could have not gone to the ER. Twice. We could have not fought to get him admitted. His Gallbladder could have not failed. The doctors could have not taken out his appendix....

The appendix could have burst. The tumors could have spread. The Blood Tests, CT Scan, PET Scan, biopsies could have shown the cancer metastasized.

Dr Sardi could not have agreed to take on Chad. The VA could have not agreed to send Chad to an out of network doctor. We could have not have had such an incredible amount of love and support in the form of donations for travelling and Chad being out of work and everything else.

Dr Sardi COULD have cut Chad open and seen tumors everywhere. But he didn't. There was nothing he could find to give any indication that the cancer had spread. He performed the right hemi-colectomy. He did create a large incision and while it will be a more difficult recovery than laproscopically, we have comfort in knowing the doctor was VERY thorough. The surgery went as well as it could have. The lymph nodes were removed and they looked clear and were not enlarged. They were sent out for biopsy to see if the cancer has spread there. We will have those results in about a week. The pathology of that will determine the chemotherapy regime.  If there even is one.

God willing, our prayers will continue to be answered. Chad is a warrior. Dr Sardi is a warrior. God is a warrior. Dream Team.

The road to recovery will be long and we still have hurdles to over-come but we're so very very thankful for all of our blessings and we thank you so much for your past, present and future prayers xo

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hospital - Day One - Admittance

We arrived just before 9 AM and the admitting procedure was painless. Chad filled out some basic paperwork, got taken to his room and waited. A series of medical professionals came in; RN, NST, Dr. Sardi's PA, and Dr Sardi's partner (Dr Sardi doesn't work on Sundays).

Dr Sardi's PA, who we met during the consult, is such a nice woman and just her mere presence puts me at ease. She delivered the very good news that the results of the biopsy of Chad's polyps showed negative for cancer. Naturally, I broke down immediately, it's what I do best lately.

A Chaplain came in and the man clearly did his research as he not only knew we were from Murray, Kentucky but even shared a story about him watching Murray State play basketball in 1969!

Chad began his bowel prep for surgery, which, naturally he was thrilled about because he just did it two days ago and it was a barrel of laughs then (Heavy note on the sarcasm) ... My beautiful, amazing and dear friend Kimmie arrived shortly thereafter and brought some much needed conversation and laughs to the evening.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. She drove from Pennsylvania so I didn't have to be alone for tomorrow. It is such a kind and compassionate gesture and means so much.

Before she left, the Chaplain came back and Chad asked him to do a prayer ... Yup, tears. Honestly, I am an emotional mess. I know we are where we need to be, I know Chad will be getting great care and I feel in my heart everything will be okay, regardless of what surgery takes place. But I cannot pretend I am not scared.

I will continue to ask for prayers and for God to watch over my husband and our family.

T-Minus 11 hours and the surgery will be under way.

Chad - I Love You. You Got This!