About Chat Cavitt

Chad M. Cavitt - Born November 30, 1970. Fresh out of high school, he enlisted to defend his country. By the time he was 27 - he had three beautiful daughters and a lifetime of experience. He went through things no young man ever should. But he preserved. At 38 years old he became a father for a fourth time to a bouncing baby boy. Shortly there-after, he became a grand father for the first time. This is where I enter the picture. Chad is my now my husband and we've been married for just over four years. Since I've been in his life his baby boy turned 6 and we have welcomed two more grand children into the picture. On January 7th - life threw him another curve ball. Chad was diagnosed with Signet ring cell carcinoma of the appendix. This blog will tell his story through my eyes. 

Chad's Children: Chad is the delightful father of four beautiful children and three grand children.  

His eldest is Ashley! She is a kind-hearted and gorgeous woman who has given birth to two adorable babies! Zoey and little Zayne! Ashley can be found gaming and taking care of her children while Zoey plays with her barbies and monster high dolls! Zayne is a deliriously happy baby who almost always has a smile on his face!

 Kelsey is his second daughter. Stunningly beautiful, she is hilarious and thoughtful. Her heart-breaker little boy is named Justus! He may seem shy at first but he is as cute as they come and loved spending his time outside getting dirty!
Next on the list is the lovely Haven. She is seventeen and a Junior in High School. She is a Straight "A" Student who spends her time being creative. Whether it be singing, drawing, or writing - she always has a story to tell.

Last, but not least is Brenden. He is mini-Chad! A 6-Year Old who couldn't be more like his father if he tried. He is smart, athletic and charming. He adores his father more than anything and to see him and Chad together would melt anyone's heart.

Chad's Hobbies:

Sports. Any Sport. Every Sport. His favorites would be baseball and basketball! He is a die-hard Cardinals fan and if the Kentucky Wildcats have a basketball game, you'll hear him down the block yelling at the T.V. I always know what sport to expect on the television based upon his attire for the day!  

If he's not watching sports, he'll be tinkering with something as he always needs to be on the go. Whether it be perfecting his man-cave, building something just because he can, working in the yard or playing some sport with Brenden - he literally never sits down!

Then in the Fall he disappears for a few weeks. Something about hunting season but since I am a fan of Bambi, I try not to think about that too much! ;)

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