You Can Help!

Chad's Family Thanks You For Your Help!

There are so many components involved when dealing with this type of cancer. Chad has been unable to work since he went into the hospital and will be unable to work for several months following his surgery. Losing his income has proven to be very challenging for his family, never mind the added expense of traveling for Medical, lodging, nutrition and transportation during travel - all of this on top of, most likely, insane insurance co-pays. In an effort to lessen the burden we have started a fund raising campaign. We sincerely appreciate every single dollar because every little bit helps.

It has been a very, very humbling experience asking for help and accepting it. Neither one of us ever thought we would be in a position like this. So to put into words how much your generosity has meant ... Well it's next to impossible. So please know - we are truly, truly grateful.

There are four ways you can send in a donation.

The GoFundMe Page is listed last because they take the largest percentage. (Basically 10% of the donation) So if you can do it via Paypal, it's much less of a fee.

1. Snail Mail - Just ask for my address.
2. Canadians: Interact Transfer (I have a BMO Account) My email is
3. Paypal: or click this link: Click Here!
4. And of course, the GoFundMe Page: Help Chad Cavitt

Many, Many Thanks Chad and Shannon

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