Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hi Ho, It's Off To Work He Goes!

Chad returns to work tomorrow. It is a bitter sweet day. While of course we are thankful and so blessed that things turned out how they have thus far, there is some fear that his job (which is 100% manual labour, he is a painter) will be too much for his body.

He still suffers from pain, which we assume comes from scar tissue - so God willing, he adjusts alright. He has admitted some fear or nervousness and I wish I had magic words to make everything okay. All he can do is give it everything he has, as he always does but not over-do it!

If you're thinking of our family tomorrow - please send up some positive thoughts for Chad's return to work!


  1. Awesome News! One Wall at a time! You got this!

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  3. So happy for you both.. Just don't over do it.. He'll need lots of rest..just got out of hospital my self..this is by far the worst one yet for the Dr say only six weeks of major pain..just praying no complications.. Thank goodness for pain meds..although they only seem to work for 2 hrs..wake my self up having conversations with my in my thoughts and prayers

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