Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Colonscopy Complete.

I decided to post a quick update from my phone while I wait for my class to start at the gym.

Everything went smoothly today for Chad's colonscopy. Thankfully, the doctor said it went well and he saw nothing of concern. No cancer and no polyps! (phew). One down, one to go.

He also didn't see any scar tissue and while the area where they put his colon back together was slightly narrowed, it wasn't too bad. So as far as the intense cramping goes, we can rest easy knowing its not being 'caused' by anything. God willing... time and patience make it more bareable.

CT Scan is the big one. Tomorrow at 9:20. We have to travel all the way to Illinois for this one, so it will be an early start. We meet with his oncologist as well so hopefully he will have the results then and there.

Your continued love and prayers are always appreciated xo