Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spasms, Spasms Go Away!

And please don't ever return. Ever.

Chad's neck spasms are back. We have no idea what he's done to aggravate it but they're fairly bad. As usual, he is pushing through it but it's so stressful. How can he return to any sort of, even-remotely, physical job if even moving around causes this excruciating pain?

His stomach is also bad and cramping and insanely bloated. It's a mixture between weight gain and bloating. Some days the distention goes down and is much smaller but most days, he stays pretty bloated. He tried changing up his diet to a low residue but it's slow going. I still worry something more sinister is happening and I almost wish it were June so we could get a CT Scan again to remove that worry.

With that said, he keeps pushing forward and takes whatever life throws at him.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and for always checking in!

Shannon and Chad

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