Monday, September 26, 2016

Blood Results and Updates

Last week Chad went in for his quarterly blood tests and to get some other things checked out. I didn't post at the time because everything was up in the air and I had no news.

We had a follow up appointment today and in true VA Style, it was pretty much a waste of time. It felt like everyone was so on the ball before and now they're getting lazy.

I read the results myself and analyzed them. lol We got confirmation today (but only because we asked not because anyone told us)

All of his tumor marker results are good. These test are used to measure a certain substance that is produced by cancer itself. So when the levels get high or are on the rise, it may be indictive of cancer. The test can also be completely useless but there is so little one can do to catch cancer early, these - combined with scans, are our best chance at staying above water.

Chad did experience some blood in his stool which was concerning. He did submit a test last week when we went in but we still have no results on that. It lasted for two bowel movements and then he had some dark stools. Everything cleared up until recent when it was black again.

I know this sometimes seems too much information but this blog has become a useful tool. Since he has so many odd things going on, doctors always ask WHEN. I cannot tell you the number of times Ive consulted this  blog to answer that question.

The last thing he had checked out was this spot on his leg. He had it looked at by a dermatologist in March but since then it has grown quite a bit. Since he is fearful of melonoma, we're ering on the side of caution. They took some photos and sent them to the big hospital in Marion, IL. The doctor we went to today is about 30 minutes away and just a clinic.

Anyways, Chad is having cramping again which is unfortunate since it got better there for awhile. His neck seems pretty good. He still has lower back issues but he's pushing through.

His Physical therapy is complete for the time being so we will see how that goes

Sometimes, the biggest struggle is the mental anguish that accompanies cancer. It can really mess with your outlook and causes a stupid amount of anxiety for everyone. :(

I apologiz for the typos. I am writing from my laptop and it never turns out well! ha!

Thanks for your continued love and support!

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