Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Delays, of course!

Some folks have been asking about Chad and I thought I'd best update the blog. We were supposed to go to Paducah on Monday to see Dr. Hall but the appointment ended up getting cancelled because the confirmation number for the VA approval expired in October. It's just governement red tape. They approved him for three appointments but for some reason or another put a 6 month expiration on it. So now we had to go back and request a new confirmation number. We will re-schedule the appointment as soon as we get that.

Chad's neck has been considerably bad lately, which is so depressing. With him still being fairly new at work and the impending move (*knock on wood*) the timing is just really lousy. However, his health has to come first and if his neck is getting worse, he'll have no choice but to have the surgery next month.

Again, we won't know until we get the appointment re-scheduled. So in the mean time, love, and healing prayers are always appreciated! xo

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