Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Finally - Progress - Dr. Hall Coming Soon

Brief Recap:

Cancer Stuff - Chad is doing pretty well in this area. He has his usual problems of still not being able to eat barely anything. We went out for dinner the other night and he kept the food down for less than an hour. I'll spare you the details but I felt really bad for him. He CAN eat, just some days are better than others and it's only ever small amounts at a time.

He should have blood work coming up before long, I will have to check with him on that.

Neck Stuff - Chad has been dealing with the neck spasms for over a year now. They caused him to lose his job last year. We've been back and forth with the VA for awhile now trying to get his neurosurgeon appointment re-approved. Finally, it has happened.

March 20th - We will be going to see Dr. Hall on March 20th. Most likely, surgery will be scheduled and I am sure he will order another MRI to see if the damage has gotten more severe or not.

In positive news, a couple weeks ago we went back to Dr. Love (His Pain Management Doctor) and it seems like the shot has actually worked this time. He seems to be doing decent in that area!

That's all for now! Thanks for your continued love, support and prayers xo <3

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  1. I hope these neck issues can be surgically taken care of so that Chad and you and family can get back to living some normalcy. Thinking about you.