Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Blood Pressure

This is just a mini update. I have mentioned before, this Blog has been a life saver over the past two years because doctors are always wanting to know dates, times, behaviours and such and fortunately, as a result of this blog, I can usually answer the questions. Soooo.. here we go.

For those who follow along, Chad had his consult last Thursday. We ended up spending the day in the ER because his blood pressure was high. They ran blood tests, EKG, Chest X-Ray and a Head MRI and everything looked A-Ok. As a follow-up, he had an appointment tomorrow night at the VA Clinic.

Today, he went to work and had a bad headache. He went to the clinic on campus (He works at a University) and his blood pressure was 152/100. They gave him Clonidine and it brought it down to 120/71. They had him lay down and eventually, get up and walk around and drink some water. After a few minutes they took it again and it was back up to 130/90.

They told him to take the afternoon off. We decided to go to his VA Clinic today instead of tomorrow. We took his pressure on the way to the clinic and it was 128/100 or something similar again. Once at the clinic, the nurse took it manually and it was back down to normal.

The directive at this point, was to use our home monitoring system and keep track of his blood pressure on a chart. The nurse will phone in the findings to Chad's doctor and they'll either up his current medication or try him on something different.

I just woke him from a nap and it was 110/76.

So, for now - we're monitoring it and waiting to hear back from the doctor about his medication. I'll update in a few days when I know more (with hopefully good news)

Thanks for your continued love and support! x


  1. Keeping Chad and you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Love to you both, Shannon and Chad.