Saturday, March 21, 2015

Special Thanks To Special People

I want to do two blogs today because I need to take some time to thank some very specific people and organizations. I mentioned some previously in a prior blog - but I want to dedicate an entire entry to these groups.

The first thanks goes to everyone who offered prayer, friendship, positive vibes and support. The second goes to individuals who donated to the fund and helped our family lessen those day to day concerns. These specific groups stepped up and really helped our family in a time of need.

Air Compassion For Veterans - They provided our flights for our first consult with Dr. Sardi. Their aim is to help veterans who need to travel for medical treatment and they were such a blessing during those first days. I am sure we will have to use them again (and they're more than willing, provided they're able) as Chad's VA insurance doesn't cover travel. Incredible group that helps our Veterans!

The BobMC Foundation - Their website doesn't seem to be functioning but this organization came after the debacle with the "Hope" Lodge. Bob is a former patient of Dr. Sardi's and has bursaries to help families with lodging and travel. They were able to contribute towards our lodging which was a huge help!

 New Day Foundation For Families - A friend of mine from Facebook suggested I touch base with them, so I did. An incredibly compassionate woman named Chrissie got back to me almost immediately and completely touched my heart with her empathy.  The conversations with her were almost therapeutic and they have completely moved me with their desire to help!

Southwest Airlines - While we didn't contact them directly, we had airline tickets from Dr. Sardi's office. They have a remarkable program that helps people fly to their treatments for free. It was so hassel free and they were incredibly helpful in transporting Chad on the return flight. It is absolutely amazing work that they do.

The Red Stag Tavern - While this is not an 'organization' like the others, they have stepped up in a big, big way. A friend of mine from back home is employed here and she brought forth Chad's story as a potential fund raising event. The amazing thing is, they selected our family and are hosting a fund raiser all week long and will donate a portion of their nacho sales to us. It's remarkable what people will do for people they've never met. So if you're ever in Halifax, Nova Scotia - you MUST stop by this establishment and have some great food! And please drink a Keith's for me, as I miss my favorite beer so much!

There have been other major contributions, such as both Chad and I's bosses who helped us in more ways than one. Of course our very generous friends and family - but I highlighted these organizations because this is what most of them do every day. They reach out and help people cover expenses that would otherwise cripple a family with worry. I urge you to read about them and if you ever want to contribute to a fund, find comfort in knowing these people truly do help families in need. They helped us. And we'll be forever thankful.

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