Monday, May 25, 2015

Sorry - Not Sorry?

Chad Enjoying Time With His Family!
Sometimes I feel bad for not updating this blog as often as I used to for those who actually still follow along - then I consider the reason I am not updating and it's probably a blessing for everyone :)

Chad is doing pretty good. The previous pain he used to have in his upper left quadrant seems to be much less severe and his eating is getting moderately easier. But as in life, when one thing gets better - something else gets worse. He now has that horrible burning along his lower abdomen/waist area again and a stabbing pain that radiates from his scar outward. He may have pulled a muscle or detached some scar tissue or something as a result of lifting something or moving a certain way, so we'll give it a few more days to see how he does.

But with all things considered - I think things are moving along. His dermatologist appointment and follow-up with Dr. V (oncologist) is next week - so wish us well! Praying his moles are nothing to be concerned about and his oncologist is able to reccomend further treatment to address his pain.

Our other big prayer is that he is cleared for work. I have mixed emotions because financially - we NEED his income. We are running out of money fast and there is no one left to ask for help anymore. On the other side, the very last thing I want him to do is cause himself further pain by over-doing it. God willing, Chad will be able to walk the line and get back to work without risking injury.

If anyone in Murray has a job that pays well - that doesn't involve heavy lifting and bending - holla! lol

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