Monday, May 4, 2015

No Change

And it's frustrating. Same pains, same distension, same cramping. This medication doesn't seem to be doing anything and aside from scar tissue - no explanation has been offered. It's hard not to get discouraged. On one hand, Chad has been so very blessed to have had so much good news and on the other hand - is this his new normal? Not being able to eat without having pain and cramping? Not being able to lift something or bend over without shooting and throbbing sensations?

Today has been hard for me. Just general stress from life. For example; our vehicle, which we were hoping would be the reliable transportation we so desperately needed, ended up getting some serious problem in the back end, that will likely end up costing around $500 (if we're lucky) to fix. I can't seem to shake this messed up shoulder. (or back) I know I should go to a doctor myself but I have a whole slew of excuses why I don't want to and believe it or not - a lot of them are valid. How much is enough? How do people continue to find strength? I know these things aren't the end of the world and we'll figure them out. Just on top of everything else - I need a vacation. A quiet escape where life is easy. "Normal". Just for a day.

And this is ME. I can't imagine how Chad must feel. And this blog is about him, not me! lol Just if you're out there and a 'care giver' - I know you'll understand. Sometimes the hardest thing is sitting back watching someone you love hurt and there's nothing in the world you can do for them.

His doctor appointment is still on the 14th. I am not sure if he'll run another CT Scan or just prescribe some more/different medications. I'll keep you posted.

Tomorrow is another day. Another chance. Another blessing. And I'll continue to be grateful and continue to thank God for each one. 


  1. I'm sorry Shannon. Yes, being a caregiver is difficult at times and it always seems like when it rains it pours. Some patients seem to take longer than others to heal, but it does take time. Small meals, several throughout the day often works to alleviate some of the pain. It's almost as if food becomes an overload issue. We become impatient when we can't make it better. I was guilty of that for the longest time. Life has changed for you guys and there are many blessings to be found in a horrible situation. You just have to do this one day at a time. At some point, you will look back and say "how in the heck did we make it through that" ... including car issues and whatever appliance chooses to break or trips to the ER ... we just have no choice but to take it as it comes.

    There are so many of us that can relate and know you always have a friend.

    1. Thank you Therese. I don't know why I have these woe is me days. I am so thankful to have my husband - I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and just take each day as a blessing. The new 'normal' is an adjustment but it is what it is right. Thanks so much for your continued support xo You know better than anyone what this journey feels like, so it is nice to know I am not alone xo