Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Crave For "Better"

Daily, I'll send Chad a text at work and ask how he is feeling. As I wait for a response, I beg, hope and pray for those magical words "Better". Better is as good as it gets - someday - I hope to hear "Good".

The swelling in his wrist is pretty much gone, though he still has some slight puffiness and it is still tender near the bone - but - he is doing better. His belly has been giving him issues too but I think this will be a life-long battle in that area. (I am fine with dealing with that for another 80 years ;) hehe) 

It's not just the belly pain but discomfort because his bowel movements aren't always regular. Since he doesn't have a gallbladder and is missing a bunch of his colon/intestine - the digestion process is just different. So when things get 'backed up', it really affects him. But he's a soldier through and through and he pushes on.

So on the health front, alls as well as it can be and we're still taking it - one day at a time!

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