Tuesday, October 20, 2015

One Small Step

A few people have asked how Chad's been feeling - I wish I had better news. He is still hurting. He can barely eat because when he does, he 'pays' for it. With that said, he still goes to work every day and he still pushes through it. He does is very best to continue living each day for the blessing that it is. Last night after a long day at work, he came home and re-painted the bathroom.  He never stops trying and does his best to live life as normally as possible.

This past weekend he spent in the woods with his father hunting. He got a couple deer too so while I was bored out of my mind, I was so happy he got to spend some time doing something he loves.

We did receive some positive news. I mentioned previously that Chad has been trying to get an appointment to see a GI specialist with the VA to see if they can figure out exactly what is causing these on-going issues. Well they made him an appointment - for January. *Big sigh*

However, with a bit of pushing he got them to approve going to someone local. Once he makes the call and goes through the red tape, it will probably be a couple more weeks until his appointment but we're hopeful he will be able to see someone closer to home (and still reputable) I'll update again once we have a date an/or more news.


  1. Yummy! I love a good BBQ'd Deer Steak! Hope that Chad gets to enjoy it too. Good Luck getting someone closer to home.