Monday, March 28, 2016


I seen this photo and it made me laugh :)
I've been waiting for the results of the biopsies prior to making any updates but we still don't have any. Some folks have been checking in to see how things are going - so here I am!

It means so much to us that people seem to always have our family in their thoughts. It truly is touching. Chad has been having some better days lately. His neck and back is still stiff but the spasms are minimal. His belly is still super distended but aside from yesterday (which was a bad day cramping wise) he's been digesting things better. I reached out to the Support Group with respects to the bloating and weight gain. There were quite a few people who responded and said they experienced the same sort of things Chad is experiencing.

It's such a crazy disease. For some it makes them so super sick and they can't maintain weight. For others it's the opposite.

We did finally hear back from the VA..

Good News: Chad has an appointment with a Neurosurgeon
Bad News: The appointment is in May.

Chad explained that his life is on hold right now. He can't work due to pain and fear of making everything worse. The woman on the phone was very apologetic and suggested we call and get put on a wait list for this surgeon in the event he has a cancellation. We've done that. So we wait.

Tomorrow we head to Marion for three different appointments. Nothing major and nothing related to spinal/stomach issues. It will just be a very long day.

Thanks again world.
We love you

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