Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Neurology Consult Results

Yesterday was the much awaited consult with the Neurosurgeon. Dr. Hall was his name and while on the young side, he was informative and listened to all of Chad's explanations and such. He reviewed the MRI and told us that the disc between a couple of Chad's vertebrae are basically non-existent. He thinks they're completely gone but before making any definitive plans on how to proceed, he needs another MRI with cross-section images, as the VA didn't supply them/do the original MRI correctly.

He also wants to perform an electromyography (EMG) on both of Chad's hands to assess how much/if any nerve damage has been done and if his muscles/grip strength has been affected. 

Once he has the results of both of these tests, he will make his recommendation on treatment. Chad also discussed his lower back pain and the surgeon was very honest in saying that there was very little surgery he could do to improve the pain from that but he has also ordered an X-Ray of his lower spine.

At this point there is a 50% chance he could require surgery on his neck. If that route is taken, they would put placing a spacer in between the discs to avoid them fusing together. If that route isn't taken, then he will be doing physical therapy and pain management.

So now we await the VA to approve these other procedures :) O Joy!

Generally speaking, Chad is doing okay. He has a fair amount of pain from the spinal stuff but he doesn't let that affect him much. He was really not well the other evening. Stomach cramping, super naseous, dizzy, sweating... but was doing better today.

His CT Scan to check for cancer is now less than a month away. *sigh* That makes me feel a little ill, I can't lie. I will continue to pray every night, for the rest of my life, that his cancer never comes back.

When you think of us, I appreciate if you could do the same.


I mentioned a few blogs ago about a friend who was in her final days of her pancreatic cancer battle. I am saddened to report that heaven has gained another angel. A remarkable one at that. Jane, you have left an undeniable mark on every person you have ever met and you will so very greatly be missed :(

Much love to everyone out there, we appreciate your support and prayers more than you know xo


  1. Thinking of you...and missing Jane too!

  2. I am glad there could be resolution to all of this neck pain. Keith had a neck fusion many years ago (they took bone from his hip back then) and he did very well with no residual pain! I am so sorry to hear about Jane. Heaven is filled with the best people.