Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Preliminary Results For CT Scan

This morning, (very early this morning) we made the trip to the VA hospital in Marion, Illinois for Chad's 6-Month CT Scan. He had blood work as well but it will take a week or so for the result of that to come in. The CT Scan was followed by a meeting with his oncologist who had a preliminary look at the scan. It Looks Good!

Once the doctor gets the results, he will phone if anything changes - but the preliminary looks positive! So, God willing, we'll continue living for another six months :) The only unfortunate thing about the trip up to Marion was that Chad's oncologist Dr V is leaving the VA and Chad will be re-assigned to a new doctor. 

I have mixed feelings about this. When we first met this doctor it was rough sailing because we were fighting to see a specialist and he wasn't interested in helping us achieve that goal. As you know, we did it anyways but Dr V was still to be Chad's 'local' oncologist. I remember when we were set to see him for the first time again after Chad's surgery, I was concerned but it went very well and we've championed him ever since. He would call Chad on the weekends, just to check in and was always very receptive in getting him help for his post surgery pains. Now, we'll probably never see him again. 

Hopefully the new VA Oncologist will be as helpful and caring! Only time will tell.

Chad starts a new job at the local University next month. I have mixed emotions but mostly excited and relieved for him as I know he was going stir crazy. As it stands now, he is doing pretty good. He has the EMG at the end of the month, followed by an appointment with a neurosurgeon in July but hopefully between now and then - things are manageable!

As always. thank you for your support, your friendship and your prayers and positive thoughts!


  1. Hugs to both and thank the Lord
    Sorry to hear about the doc, but you will conquer this as well
    Good luck in the new job Chad...only good stuff in the future!
    Nancy <3

  2. Happy for this preliminary -- truly! Did you get a copy to sent to Dr. Sardi? Keeping on keeping on <3