Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Spare A Prayer?

They often say God doesn't give you more than you can handle. Like most, I wish his confidence level in my ability to preserver was a little lower :)

Life is tough at the moment. I won't get into my own personal demons because this is about Chad and his journey through these crazy web of health issues but man - I miss the easy days.

If you have a prayer to spare, please send them in Chad's direction. He started back to work and it's been tough. The neck and shoulder pain has flared up and it's to the point where he loses sensation in both hands and is dropping things 4-5 times a day. On top of that, his whole body seems to hurt and he's experiencing a lot of the same stomach burns and pains he had before they discovered he had cancer.

It's frustrating because all the Scans and tests show everything is 'as it should be' but he feels anything but 'normal'. There was one blood test that I noticed was high. His oncologist didn't seem concerned about it but it made me wonder what was going on. 

Chad finally called the VA to set up on appointment to see a doctor and the nurse reviewed his charts and thought it was concerning as well. Unfortunately, the beautiful VA is very, very short on doctors so Chad no long even has a primary physician. The nurse, (April) is going to call someone and have them review the tests and we'll go from there.

For the curious, the blood tests are SGOT/SGPT (AST/ALT) and are linked to liver disease. Chad hasn't had any problems with his liver, aside from, I believe, it being slightly fatty. His levels previously, were not this high. (They're almost double the normal range) He has started drinking wine so I am hoping if he cuts that from his diet, it goes back to normal and is nothing too serious is going on.

In  my heart, I think it was just a one-off. He drinks a few glasses a week. Hardly enough to amount to anything. He shows no other signs and all the tests/scans came back clear. My hope, deep down in my heart, is they run the tests again and everything is back to normal and it was just an off day.

So - if you have a prayer to spare. Please send it his way. Just to find some sort of tolerable level so he can enjoy his life again. (Which means I can enjoy mine too) Many, many thanks everyone. 

The love and appreciation I have is immeasurable.


  1. Has Chad gained any weight lately? That will make his liver enzymes go up too. Also, sometimes it is medication that causes the enzymes to double. I will be praying that his problems can be fixed easily.
    Cindy Lee

  2. Sending prayers as I always do.
    I am so upset that he is experiencing this pain again...Enough!!
    Those levels can also be elevated by so many other factors (mine are high too).
    The wine is irrelevant...However, Tylenol is a big culprit as are most pain meds.
    Praying it will be resolved FAST

  3. All of the positive energy that I can muster is coming your way!

  4. Sending much positivity to you both xxxx

  5. Hi Novella. This is Debby Sweet. I also live in Kentucky and I just learned of Chad's & yours situation. Let me say right off that I am adding you & Chad to my prayers. Prayer is a powerful tool to use and if two or more come together....God WILL hear that prayer!!! I am calling on Jesus right now to lift all this pain from him and to comfort you both in such a frustrating time!! I am also rebuking satan that he has NO hold on Chad and to get off of him in the name of Jesus and set him free from ALL pain and I also ask this in the name of Jesus!! AMEN & AMEN!! God Bless you both and I will continue my prayers for both you & Chad.