Monday, February 6, 2017

So Tired...

As far as the cancer journey goes - everything seems to be okay. The scans and blood work and still pulling in our favour which is the biggest blessing. Chad still has stomach pain and I doubt he'll ever enjoy eating again but he pushes through. He also has had some scary moments with bloody stools but they happen as a one-time deal. His recent colonoscopy and scans show all clear so we just keep an eye on it and pray for the best.

Unfortunately, cancer isn't his only demon. As most of you know who read these updates - for a year now Chad has been dealing with sever neck issues. He has blown vertebrae in his spine which causes him an intense amount of pain and spasms. Some days are better than others. This weekend has been bad. Very bad.

He was supposed to have surgery in December but the VA screwed that up and truth be told, the timing was brutal with moving.

We've done everything the doctors have suggested. He's had physical therapy, he is in pain management now. The injections are not helping, nor are the muscle relaxers. His neck is getting worse and surgery is imminent. It's tough because he's still new at work but there's never going to be a 'good time' and sadly, it's the only option we have left.

He had to call in sick today because the pain has not let up. The reason I write this update? The medications aren't working. The stretches aren't working. Heat isn't working. Sleep isn't working. I turn to prayer because right now I feel the only thing that will help him (and me) get through, is prayer. Strength from the big man upstairs.

I'm exhausted. It's annoying because he's hurting. He's moody. He's tired. But there's nothing I can actually DO to help. I think of how hard it is on me and can only imagine how hard it must be on him. So if you're still reading. If you believe in prayer. Please, please - send one up for Chad. To find some relief and for the VA to hurry up.

Thanks for your support.


  1. My love and my prayers. Heavenly Father, please ease the burden of pain that Chad must endure on a daily basis. It is tiring and unimaginable that pain like this cannot be controlled. I ask that all suffering with Chad, his precious wife Shannon and children be boosted in their energy and to not lose hope that all can and will be resolved. I ask this in Jesus' name, Amen.