Friday, January 6, 2017

2 Years Today!

There is a term in the appendix cancer world called "NED" which stands for No Evidence of Disease. Most people hope to receive this distinction after their major surgery and then for the rest of their life as their scan results are read.

Chad's big surgery was in March of 2015 - however, they ended up finding no further traces of cancer - which means his cancer was all removed  *knock on wood* in the original surgery which was on..... January 6, 2015.

So today? TWO YEARS NED! :) Chad's scan was in December but we assume (and hope and pray) that those results remain the same. Today will mark the day that he is 2 years, cancer-free :)

Congrats Chad! You're worth celebrating!

With that said, he is in pain today for his neck and shoulder and, as per usual, can't get into the chiropractor - so any prayers of healing would be appreciated!

Much Love for your continued support!

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