Friday, September 18, 2015

September 22, 2015

I remember awhile ago I rejoiced in not having to make a trip back to Marion, IL until December. I think we've been twice since and will be heading back again on Tuesday. Chad will be getting an MRI to check his head and also has a consult with an eye specialist to try and sort out the headaches blurred vision.

Chad has been extremely fatigued lately, seems to have constant headaches and his body just feels tired. His legs are bothering him (I think those can be attributed to his varicose veins),his wrist is still painful (the one with the metal plate) and he still can't fully shake this sinus thing. It keeps coming and going - mostly coming.

It's difficult sometimes to not self-diagnose him with every type of cancer you can imagine because let's be honest - that's the fear. Anytime cancer touches your life in an intimate way, any and every ache and pain immediately morphs into the worst case scenario in your mind.

With that said, in my heart I believe he is okay and will continue to be okay. He's approaching 45 years old and I think some of these aches and pains can be attributed to that. He essentially had 7 months 'off work' and in that time wasn't able to be as active as he used to be. During that time his body also took one hell of a hit with surgeries and recovery. Now that he's been back to work for about two months, it's taking its toll. Naturally, Chad continues to push through. Probably a little more forcefully than he should but that's the southern man in him :)

A friend I met through this cancer journey had suggested Chad get his B12 level checked. We will definitely follow up on that because I had him take a few of my B12 supplements 'just to see' and I think it did make some improvement. So big shout out to Denise Wesley for that tip. And also huge congrats on the positive news. Her husband Tim had quite the appendix cancer journey thus far and they had their scan results today and they very encouraging! Sometimes I don't know what I would do without the people from my Facebook Support Group. There's a lot of sadness in the group but there is also a lot of hope and tons of information. The people are truly a blessing.

Anyways, so in MY HEART - I believe Chad will be fine. I think once he kicks this sinus thing, he will start to feel better. Hopefully the doctors are able to help him sort out the cause of the headaches and the TIA (or whatever it was) he experienced last week.

As always, I'm hopeful and putting it in God's hands (with a few little pushes from me to get the doctors to listen of course)

I'll post again Tuesday.
Peace and Love.

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