Thursday, September 10, 2015

Update on Chad's Health

This blog started out being about Chad's Fight against cancer but its turned into a little more than that due to these other mysterious health problems that keep arising. Some related to surgery/recovery - others that leave us scratching our heads, holding out hearts and getting on our knees asking for prayers.

Chad has had sinus issues for a little over a week, seems he couldn't shake it. Today? He felt "Good". He texted me to tell me he felt "Good". You have no idea how long I've prayed to hear those words.

Within two hours, Chad was leaning over the dinning room table, telling me to take him to the ER. (insert heart break)

Long story short; he was at work having a ghey ole' time when suddenly he felt weird. Feet tingles that ran up the length of his body. Sudden onslaught of sweat, his skin went white as did spots of his vision. He got nauseous, both arms and hands were tingling and his legs were weak, buckling beneath him. He had a hard time swallowing and eventually speaking. In his mind, he was having a stroke.

The symptoms did not last long, aside from the dizziness but his fear did. He was having a hard time calming down and catching his breath because he truly believed he was dying. In my non-medical opinion he had the initial symptoms and then became panicked. It was at this point that he called his boss for a lift home and eventually - to the hospital.

When we got to the ER, they took blood, EKG, and an X-Ray of his heart. They gave him medication to calm his anxiety and monitored his blood pressure. After an hour or so, the doctor returned and said everything looked good and asked Chad if he was ever in combat and had PTSD. Chad said he did have PTSD but not as a result of combat but because of his wife dying about 15 years ago.

The doctor basically wrote everything off to a PTSD attack. While definitely possible, I wasn't entirely satisfied and I questioned him about it being a stroke or mini-stroke. He said the symptoms were aligned with that but he didn't think it was due to various factors. (I believe that it did NOT affect only one side, no sharp headache, etc.,) I still wasn't satisfied so I asked about the sinus stuff, could it be related. Possibly.

Good lord, why it is every time we visit the Calloway County Emergency Room they seem more concerned about getting you out of there than finding out what the hell is actually wrong? The doctor did prescribe some medication to clear up congestion along with anti-dizinness and anti-anxiety medication.

When we got home, Chad called the VA and the receptionist told him to wait until his appointment at the end of the month.

Yeah. No. I called back and spoke to a nurse and explained the scenario and we're going in tomorrow morning so she can check out his ears and hopefully get the MRI/CT Scan of his head scheduled. It will be another trip to Marion, IL but well worth it. The symptoms may have alleviated almost completely but there is still a cause and we have NOT traveled this far in health ordeals to take a back-seat in the decision making process.

So once again, I ask for prayers. Prayers for good health. Prayers for the doctors to figure out what happened and prayers for strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other.



  1. Nothing worse than the feeling that the doctor just sees a number.
    Good thing you know the difference, Shannon! Go get 'em Chad....she got your back!

  2. Nothing worse than the feeling that the doctor just sees a number.
    Good thing you know the difference, Shannon! Go get 'em Chad....she got your back!

  3. Hang in there both of you, and kudos Shannon for standing your ground and insisting he get speedier care.

  4. Visits to ER here in Ontario are exactly the same. I think they have bets on how fast they can get ya out! (with they would have those same bets on getting you IN as well!) Hope things are better at the VA hospital and he gets the attention he needs. Good for you Shannon for speaking up.

  5. Hey girl,hope he can find out what is wrong..I have never seen it this bad to where the Drs. can't figure out whats wrong with us, but they can't....I have seen 4 specalist so far & 2 of them in Memphis, Tn, & they just tell me they can't find anything wrong. Now your sayin they are basically telling Chad that to....I think its all about the money in my case cause I'm on Medicare & thats the goverment..Just know I put mine all in Gods hands & both of you will be in my prayers...Tell Chad to just hang in there if he can.

  6. i def want U n my corner kiddo! they don't know who they messing with. i have had 2 get ugly w/the va too n order to jump start my claim and meds and appointments. now i'm about 2 go media w/local tv station. i'm sick of their treatment of veterans while trying to take care of the whole frigging world! i had u guys on my mind and sent a prayer your way recently so i'm glad for the update. hold tight gurl! God is good all the time. i just learned today that my gf of 25 yrs died friday and i'm in shock so pls keep me in your prayers as i do u. huggsss and blessings. dee