Tuesday, September 8, 2015

That Was Loopy!

Chad gets in funny moods from time to time but last night was an extreme. He was  behaving very odd and I didn't know what to think of it. Once we sat down to dinner he explained to me that he felt 'very weird', as though his eyes were popping out of his head and everything was in slow motion. He said it felt as though his head was filled with helium and he was telling me so I would know and could keep an eye on him.

To say that freaked me out, would be a huge understatement. Chad has no problem telling me he feels lousy but I could tell it was concerning him. It was bothering me too and I kept telling him to try and act normal. When he put a whole bottle of salad dressing on his salad and sat there and laughed about it, it really worried me. That's just not Chad. So I took a breather and consulted my BFF. Google. I couldn't find much of an explanation except reaction to drugs or low blood pressure.

I came back out, grabbed my keys and told Chad to get into the car - that we were going to the pharmacy to get his blood pressure checked. He agreed, which also confirmed that he felt something was wrong. He is very stubborn and would not have humored me and most definitely not in the middle of dinner. Thankfully his blood pressure was spot on. He flat out refused to go to the hospital so we came home and kept an eye on him. Within a few hours, he felt more normal and he feels okay this morning.

Chad has had a Sinus infection/flu for a few days and I think his reaction was based on the sinus medication. He took one yesterday and didn't react like that but perhaps it was in combination with his regular medicine - I don't know. But man. That was weird.

Whenever anything feels 'off' for him, I get this worried pit in my stomach. Hopefully the longer we go and the more clear scans we get, I won't feel every health issue is a catastrophe...   In the mean time, thanks for humoring me!

Much Love,

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