Monday, January 18, 2016

Endo - nope?

Today, Chad was to travel to Tennessee for his endoscopy. As suspected, it turned out just to be a consult. Which is complete silliness since the same doctor seen him, not too long ago, for the colonoscopy. Red tape. You know how it is.

His actual scope is now scheduled for February 3rd. The doctor suggested it may be IBS. Chad said "I would love for that to be the case but I want to be sure. Last time they told me I had IBS for two years and it ended up being cancer"

Like sand through the hour glass .... 

Things are pretty much the same. Same discomfort, same cramping, same pain. The abdominal belt I told you all about did arrive and Chad has worn it but it's hard to say if it does anything. When asked he said it 'doesn't hurt'.  Meaning, it doesn't cause him additional pain but whether it is doing more for him - I have no idea. 

He has a worrisome mole on his side. A call will be made to his oncologist to see about seeing the Skin Cancer specialist we had seen previously. Better safe than sorry, right? Right.  

I appreciate all of you out there who read this and still check in! It amazes me when I have people contact me asking for another blog update lol We love you guys! xo Thank you for your support!


  1. Praying for Chad. He has been through so much. I wonder if doctors who have to see another type of specialist would put up with wasting their time with a consultation when they thought they were having the actual test? Hmmmm.

  2. Hope everything checks out and my boy Chad can have some pain free days. Praying for you brother! -Jeffis

  3. Always in my prayers I wait for the day when I can read the words "pain free"
    Until then I'll be here with support, hugs and love.

  4. Always thinking of you guys, sending positive vibes your way!! Xx

  5. will always be here to support the both of you as long as you need my support and prayers <3