Sunday, January 31, 2016

Quick Update

I am going to keep this short because I am tired. I decided to post this final update for the night (God Willing) via the Blog since not everyone is on Facebook and I know a lot of people have grown to love and care for Chad and his well being.

I mentioned a few days ago that Chad was having neck spasms that began last Saturday. We started off by going to the Chiropractor and then a local doctor (To avoid going all the way to Marion to the VA hospital) We did all the treatments they suggested as well as the doctor prescribed muscle relaxants. He had a few decent moments but unfortunately it didn't last and the spasms returned with a vengeance. Chad has been off work since Tuesday and was supposed to return tomorrow - so I gently suggested that we had to go to Marion, to the ER because it's been eight days and there's not enough improvement. We knew an X-Ray was the next step in the equation and the local VA clinic cannot perform those. 

Today, we went to the ER. It took way too long and very little was done. They did run an X-Ray which showed nothing. So the next step is the ER doctor will forward his recommendations to our local doctor - which is physical therapy and an MRI. We are going to try and get in to see Chad's primary physician tomorrow but hopefully they schedule the MRI sooner, rather than later.

The doctor did prescribe him an anti-inflammatory and a steroid which is supposed to help with the spasms. God willing the man gets some relief tonight. 

The pain he was in was absolutely excruciating for me to watch. As a 'care-giver', seeing someone you love more than life itself, go through such pain and there is not a damn thing you can do. It's horrible. I annoyed myself because all I could do was hold his hand, remind him to breath and try to distract him from the pain in an effort to get him to relax.

Thank-You again to everyone who offered prayers, positive vibes and encouragement. I honestly don't know how I would get through days like today without you guys to lean on.

Much Love,


  1. I feel your angst, Shannon. Nothing worse than feeling useless. I hope the new meds provide relief! Take care!

  2. Thanks for the update keeping up the prayers

  3. Shannon stay strong. You both will get the answers you need. I am so sorry you went through that, and that Chad is in so much pain. I hope the new meds the doctor gave him will at least let him sleep. God was waving heavy on my heart the other week thinking of you two. I am glad I listened to Him! I will continue to pray.

  4. For Chad to actually show the pain he is in says it's MAJOR. The poor guy. Even though you cannot take away his pain, you are such an amazing advocate for Chad. If ANYONE can find the help needed to resolve this thing, it's you Shannon.

  5. I hope that the medication is helping - continued prayers for relief.