Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It Never Ends...

As if cancer wasn't enough.  As if a mini-stroke wasn't enough. As if a sinus infection from hell wasn't enough. As if never-ending abdominal cramping, bloating and weird pains wasn't enough. Let's throw in severe muscle spams to the mix just to keep things exciting.

Chad started having muscle spasms Saturday night. He has worked as a painter for 20-odd years, so he is no stranger to having neck and shoulder pain - but these spasms were new and took it to a new level. He suffered through the weekend, not wanting to make the drive all the way to Illinois to the VA hospital. On Monday, he went to his trusted chiropractor for an adjustment and it helped a slight bit but by the time he got home he was stiff and sore and some spasms were resuming.

Tuesday, he again went to work but by 11 AM I had to go get him because the spasms were so bad and pain so severe he was getting nauseous. When I seen how much pain he was in, I braced myself for a trip to the ER but instead we took him to a doctor in town. This isn't covered by the VA but she's close and Chad likes her. She's actually not even a doctor but one of those fancy RN's who can prescribe medication. She gave Chad a couple shots and a prescription for a muscle relaxer.

I brought him home and then got his prescription. By the time he was settled and laying down we only had 45 minutes until his next chiropractor appointment. That actually went very well and Chad felt relaxed for the first time since Saturday. He was getting a bit stiff last night and in a little pain but nothing too bad. I was hopeful.

Until he woke up this morning and the spasms are back in full force. :( Every night before bed I thank God for another day. I pray for continued support and guidance and to make Chad better, just a little bit, as each day passes - and of course my biggest prayer is that his cancer never, ever comes back.

And I am thankful. I am so grateful. I am also tired. I am also so, very tired. It's emotionally draining to always, always be worrying and never being able to make things better.

He is icing his shoulder now and has taken the medication for spasms. He doesn't see the chiropractor again until Friday. He was ordered off work until next week. God willing this storm does pass. And sooner rather than later.

His endoscopy is still scheduled for February 3rd. I hope they don't find anything but I still stress about what is causing his issues. Sigh. Like I said.. it never ends.

I want to thank you all for your continued Love and Support. It means the world to us. xo


  1. oh Father God,
    I come before you tonight as a child of God and by the authority of my Lord Jesus who said, "if you can believe all things are possible." Father what is going on with Chad seems to be a mystery to the doctors. but Father you created Chad's body and what's going on inside him is not a mystery to you. I an asking Father that you touch the body that you created and that you stop the pain and that spasms he is having. Heavenly Father, I ask that you do this for your glory and honor as I willingly give you all the glory. and satan take notice. I command you to back of from this child of God because he does not belong to you he belongs to God and you have no power or authority in his life. dear Father, look with mercy upon your children and grant this healing in Jesus name I ask it.
    amen and amen.

    and Father I pray for Shannon. bless her with wisdom and strength to bear up under the stress of what she needs to do. comfort her and wrap her up in your loving arms and lead her step by step along the path she needs to go. we leave this whole situation in your capable hands and we give you glory for all things.
    in Jesus strong name I pray,
    amen and amen

    bless you my friends
    david (nightsongs)