Thursday, February 18, 2016

MRI Booked

Sometimes I don't have the energy to post but I wanted to let everyone know who's been asking.

Yes, Chad is still having spasms and has a considerable amount of pain :(  Some days are better than others and he does get some relief. He is a trooper and keeps pushing through, bless his heart.

Fortunately, they have scheduled a Cervical MRI for Tuesday.  While I don't want them to find anything 'serious' going on, I do want them to be able to pin point the cause for the pain and hopefully develop a plan to correct it.

MRI - February 23, 2016
Endoscopy Consult - March 10, 2016
Endoscopy Procedure - March 16, 2016

Between now and then we will continue focusing on our blessings and working towards a happier and healthier tomorrow!

There are a lot of people who contact me on an on-going basis with alternative medicines, tips, hints, etc., and I really want to thank you! We try some of your suggestions, research others and plan to look into more. While we can't necessarily do everything, we're definitely appreciative of how many people care and always look for ways to help us with both advice, love and support!

Thanks Everyone!
Shannon & Chad


  1. Looks like a plan...Hope it pans out well!

  2. Finally! Some headway...hope this is resolved soon. Praying