Thursday, February 11, 2016

Same Ole' Same Ole'

It's been a little while since I've updated. Truth is, nothing has really changed. Chad did go to acupuncture last Friday and it seemed to help him momentarily. By Sunday afternoon he felt decent and by Monday it looked like we were on the way up. Then Tuesday morning he woke with spasms again. He's ended up having to take the whole week off work again and he has an appointment with both the acupuncturist and chiropractor tomorrow. He did call the VA to request they put in for the MRI but I have no idea what will happen there. It's just difficult. Physically and emotionally. I won't air the dirty laundry but needless to say I've started polishing his resume :( 

It's just been a tough few weeks. I am sending up extra prayers and putting faith that everything is happening for a reason and we'll get through this.

Thank you all for your kindness, love and support! xo 


  1. All my positive energy flowing to you now. I'm sorry these struggles continue. Lord please give my friends a break!!

  2. "This journey has been so hard but I know we have been blessed. I know it could have been so much worse and the future is unpredictable. But for tonight? I am living {in this moment}. Knowing my husband is here beside me and will continue to fight to overcome this! From now until forever, we have to learn to live for today, cherish each moment and savor each memory. Life is too short to be anything but thankful for each day"... -Shannon Cavitt

    Don't you ever, EVER stop with that enthusiasm. I just read your entire blog in one sitting. You are growing tired, as would any.

    Find an outlet! A private one! For only you, and/or God. Anything that identifies you as someone other than "Chad's wife". Trust me, you will be more rejuvenated than ever after some time remembering who this woman was at the onset of his disease, the FIGHTER and SURVIVOR who knew NOTHING of TIREDNESS (i know, it's so hard to think of now, but please, TRUST ME)... there must have been times in your life, even in trite circumstances as a child when you had revelations like this in much smaller comparisons, but nevertheless... you are an incredible and beautiful, strong woman who is suffering now. Allow the "being" of your human being take over the "doing" and you will be surprised how much you will be energized... and it's contagious too... :D a good contagious. <3 sending love and actively praying for you two, since Mercy. -Kristen, Lala, whatever! <3 <3 <3

  3. well i am going to try and post again, i have tried a few other times and didn't work not sure why, so here goes and hopefully this time it goes through.....i want to wish your whole family nothing but the best and that i hope you have a happy valentines day weekend, i know it is very hard for chad to try and enjoy himself being in so much pain, but maybe he will be able to at least give you alittle slow dance.. :) i keep your whole family very close to my heart and hope each and everyday for what he needs to be cured, tell our hero that he has more support than he could ever imagine from so many people he has come in contact with, he has proven he has the courage and the strength and so do you to overcome anything that is being thrown at him, the muscle spasms may just turn out to be something of an easy fix, i hope so...but i just wanted to stop in catch up and let you all know i still care and so do alot of other people... super bigggggg hugggggsssssss to everyone... : cindi