Monday, February 15, 2016

VA - You Suck Today.

While it took a lot of maneuvering last year to get the VA to support the route we needed to take for Chad's cancer, they've been good to us. Chad received the care he needed and generally speaking, we've had some good experiences.

But holy goodness, I am so unimpressed with them and this Tri-West program it makes my head spin and blood boil.

As you know, since Chad's colonoscopy came back clear in December, we've been trying to get him in for an endoscopy to make sure everything checks out in that direction. He was supposed to have had the scope in February but they messed up on the approval.

He finally heard from the doctor today and they have scheduled his appointment for March 10th. But oh, this isn't the endoscopy. This is another ridiculous consult because it will have been 30 days since the previous visit so we yet again have to go through this red tape! The actual endoscopy has already been approved this time and will take place on March 16th.

Still no word on the MRI.

I need a vacation.

Please forgive my rant. My frustration over this is through the roof. As always, your support and love is beyond appreciated.


  1. You have come too far to stop ranting now. You got this too!

  2. I fought the VA for years...I need you to continue the fight...I lost my Husband because of them,,,dont let it happen again <3