Thursday, February 19, 2015

Flight and Hotel Booked!

We are heading to Baltimore early so Chad can get his colonoscopy. It turned out the "Hope Lodge" wasn't very hopeful after all and was not somewhere where we could stay. To be completely honest, I found the woman who responded to my inquiries entirely rude and showed a dire lack of compassion.

Fortunately, a dear friend from SingSnap was able to get us a great rate at the same hotel we stayed in last time. I also booked the flights this morning which was entirely painless. Thank Goodness.

Today we travel to Mayfield for Chad to get some blood work and an EKG and try to figure out the bit about getting the colonoscopy medication in time for the trip.

It's funny as time goes on, the people who you thought were going to be your champions end up being absent when you really need them - even if it's just for advice or a strong shoulder. Fortunately, we still have so much support from some dear friends and family and we're using it to propel forward!

Watch out cancer - we're coming to get you!

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