Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hello Baltimore!

We arrived in Baltimore yesterday, as planned. We cut it close in making the flight but alls well that ends well. Chad was very nauseous on the flight and didn't feel well last night. It is so difficult to deal with because one doesn't know if it's the cancer or something else. It could've been a bad reaction to the antibiotics or breakfast or his gallbladder (or lackthereof). Any number of things. But when you have cancer hanging over your ever waking moment, it's emotionally draining.

Tomorrow is the colonscopy, then we get to live normal life for one more day before the fun hospital stuff begins. Chad, as usual, is taking everything in stride and just being the soldier that he is.

This was Chad last night. Sprawled on the bed with the laptop streaming the Kentucky Wildcats play basketball! The man bleeds blue :) You can take the boy out of Kentucky but you can't take Kentucky out of the boy!

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