Tuesday, February 17, 2015

VA Approval - Part 3

Good Ole Ed Whitfield's Office

When we got home that night, we were once again feeling defeated. The drive home from St Louis was dreary and depressing but I reassured Chad, the best I could, that we had options and we're not giving up yet. I wrote Ed Whitfield's office again. We touched base with the advocacy office again. I had gotten the Chief of Surgeon's name from Dr. D and went so far as to write and fax him a letter.

The weekend came and went and we still had no news. I contacted the St Louis hospital again on Tuesday and eventually a woman got back to me and said she would check with Dr. D. That night I had a voicemail on my phone stating that she was going to go ahead and send a reccoemdation back to Marion, IL (Chad's VA hospital) stating our desire to see a specialist and all that. At this point, I didn't even know what that meant.

The next day we made a few phone calls and confirmed the referral was put in. We spoke again, with Mark Speers from the advoacy office and he confirmed this was a good step. He said that St. Louis was basically saying they could not do what was required. He said he would follow up with the Fee Base people personally and let them know about the case, that transportation and lodging was not required.

We hadn't heard anything Thursday, so we called again Friday. We found out from Mark that it had gotten approval on the Fee Base, it had gotten past the admin area and by Friday afternoon it was on the desk of the final person who had to sign off.

Monday was a holiday, so the earliest we would find out would be Tuesday. Needless to say - it was a very long weekend.

Tuesday morning arrived and I was laying in bed, resting my back (I threw it out a few weeks ago) when my phone rang. It was the VA asking questions about the surgery, who we wanted to see, etc., Long story short - his surgery was approved.

God answered another prayer and Chad is going to get to see Dr. Sardi in Baltimore. He is going to be treated by one of the best in the field - someone Chad completely trusts.

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