Friday, February 27, 2015

News - Undetermined

We have news. It is not good news but it's not necessarily bad news yet either. It's just news. Chad had his colonoscopy today. Prior to being taken in for the procedure, the doctor informed Chad that the PET Scan revealed possible activity in the colon, which was news to us because we were told it was all clear with the exception of an area around where his gallbladder used to be. Needless to say, this made the hour I had to wait absolutely excruciating. I had never actually received a written copy of the PET Scan results so I asked Yolanda (Dr Sardi's coordinator) and she, like the angel she is, brought me over a copy. She also gave me a much needed hug and reassurance.

The report did mention mild activity but that it could simply be related to bowel movements. However, I am sad to report - Chad did have three polyps removed from his colon.

One was low and very small and not of concern. The other two were large, one 10 mm and one 15 mm. They have been sent for pathology and they put a rush on it, in hopes that they can get the results for Dr Sardi on Monday.

The doctor who removed them was excellent and he did say he was very confident that they were benign. If anything, the largest one may be pre-cancerous but we will not know until the results come in. Chad will have to have regular colonoscopys every three years now but you know what? That's fine. Because he is going to be around for at least another 40 years, so if that's what he has to do - that's what he'll do.

We have friends coming to see us tonight/tomorrow. So we're going to do our best to enjoy these next 36 hours before the big surgery on Monday. Continued prayers are appreciated. xo


  1. Sounds like the Drs. you have are really on top of things. Sending lots of positive vibes and prayers your way from Michigan. Will be thinking of you on Monday.


  2. my Prayers are with Chad and hugs for you. It relally does sound like this will be a success Shannon. Im hoping the nodes are clear as well... hugs

  3. im surprised its every 3 yrs. I have to have one every year.. likely because Im a bit

  4. im surprised its every 3 yrs. I have to have one every year.. likely because Im a bit

  5. Hi Shannon and Chad, I've been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hope things turn out successfully for you.
    Flick x