Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Change of Plans

See how the VA works is, even though your condition may be the same as the last time you saw your primary physician - every time you need something, even if it is a referral to someone else - you have to go see them.

Chad and I headed to Mayfield today to see his primary physician in an effort to get a referral to a GI surgeon who can try to order some tests/scans to figure out if everything in Chad's digestive system is okay or if there is something actually causing the pain and cramping.

We were originally slated to go see the Oncologist on April 14th, so we were hoping to make the appointment on that same day since traveling is such a distance/expense. Unfortunately, the GI surgeon (I guess there's only one?) is out of the office that week - so that appointment is on April 23rd. Fortunately, we were able to reschedule the oncology appointment for the same day. 

I would rather not push everything back a week but it beats having to make that long drive twice. God willing life will be relatively uneventful until then.

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