Thursday, April 23, 2015

No Chemo!

No chemo! The Dr said it would be less than 1% beneficial. The GI appointment was a bust because they sent us to the wrong doc but the oncologist was actually really great this time.

I was concernee because our first meeting with him went less than extraordinary but this time, he was super friendly and stepped up to the plate big time.

 He's given chad a bunch of stuff to help with pain (which they believe is related to scar tissue/nerve pain) This medication may require a bit of an adjustment period but God willing, it helps him.

He has new medications to assist bowel movements, as well as some general guidelines. He is not allowed to work for at least another 4-6 weeks which will be a strain financially but if he does too much, too soon - he could risk severe damage.

We are coming back on May 14 to see if the pain meds worked , further labs and to get a CT  scan to have a look and see how things are going inside. His tumor markers (blood tests he had done this morning)  came back and they look good! So all in all - good news!

This is an update from my phone, so forgive the typos. Gotta go, meds are ready!