Monday, April 6, 2015

Wound Update - Images Included! (Click at your own risk)

The weekend was relatively uneventful (which brings me great joy now-a-days), with the exception of Chad and I nearly having a heart attack while watching the Kentucky Wildcats play (and lose) Boo!

He had a couple tough days with his pain and cramping. While everyone we speak to and everything I read suggests this is 'normal' - there's got to be something out there he can get for relief. The last few days have caused him intense cramping that made him feel like he wanted to vomit. Not good.

Vomiting would be very bad, which is why it is essential to keep sickness and germs OUT of this house. The very last thing he needs right now is a cold. His doctor is back in the office this week, so hopefully he will be able to set up an appointment with a GI doctor and/or give him some anti-cramping medication. We'll see!

On the wound front, it seems to be healing nicely. Pardon the quality of the photo, my battery was dead last night while trying to take a photo so I my phone didn't have a working flash.

Here's hoping to better days of healing!

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