Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hospital - Day Three - Recovery

The recovery period began today. Chad had a rough night and morning, pain wise. He had a hard time getting comfortable, which agitated him (and I believe made everything worse). The physical therapy team came to see him this morning and got him to stand, walk and do some preliminary movements to see where he was at. Then he sat up in a chair, which proved to be entirely too painful for him. Moving him back into bed was brutal... An hour or two after that, he was taken to the gym where they continued to do some more therapy. Surprisingly and thankfully, he did much better this time and has been in relatively good spirits all afternoon/evening. There was one minor episode where he got upset and got in pain again but other than that, he's doing well.

It may be some of the drugs helping to make him comfortable but I'll tell you this much - it does MY heart good to see him feeling better. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd... The Kentucky Wild Cats play in 15 minutes so that guarantees to cheer him up :)

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