Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beware - Weak Stomach's Need Not Look

We traveled to the VA Hospital in Illinois yesterday to have Chad's incision looked at. While they didn't do what we originally thought they would, they did open him up at skin level to expose the 'opening' beneath, so it could heal. This opening already existed under the skin and was holding fluid, which was draining partially. The concern was, the pinhole it was leaking from would heal over, then it would drain down inside his body, causing tunneling and possible infection.

The result was opening him up and giving us this bad boy to look at! I have to pack this wound a couple times a day to help draining and the end goal is that the wound heal from the bottom up, closing on it's own. Oh the joys of recovery. Minor set-back but fortunately, there was no infection present!

Chad has been feeling nauseous the past few days and has been having some bad stomach cramps, so we're praying these symptoms alleviate themselves over the next few days and his recovery continues!

There is a follow-up appointment with the surgeon who did this on Monday. God willing everything heals as it should between now and then!

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