Friday, March 27, 2015

Unrelated - But Good News

I mentioned a few times in this blog about Chad potentially having a rare blood disease called Porphyria. We followed up with and spoke to the doctors today, and all the test came back negative! Thankfully he has one less rare disease to worry about!

His stomach pains that he's experienced over the past number of years may still be unexplained, if not caused by the cancer (that [part is unclear) - but for now, we'll take it as a blessing that we can check that one off of the list.

Chad is having an okay day. His wound is healing but he still has a follow-up on Monday with the VA surgeon. We are also waiting for our first appointment with the VA Oncologist to discuss Chad's Health plan for the future. Scans, Blood Work and ... Chemotherapy (if required)! Continued thanks for the continued prayers and support! x

Life in the Cavitt house hold is moving forward. We spent last night cheering alongside the Big Blue Nation. Chad's daughter came over and I must admit they made a striking pair :)

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