Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kentucky Recovery

Chad and I (and our family) are ready for life to return to 'normal'. Whatever that new normal may be. We are home and will be staying put for awhile. We arrived back safely on Wednesday but due to an amazing turn of events ended up travelling back to Nashville on Friday. We managed to get free tickets to the SEC Basketball tournament. Those of you who know Chad, know that he is a huge sports fan but even more so a huge Kentucky Wildcats Basketball fan - so to be given these free tickets as a gift from the SEC Commissioner Mike Slive himself (and considering the year the Cats are having) it was just too much of a dream come true for Chad to pass up. He literally checked off an item on his bucket list!

It was a fabulous weekend and while he pushed himself a little too hard, he made memories that will last a lifetime (a very LONG lifetime since he has another 100 years left ;)!!) Now? We focus on healing. Chad will have a doctor's appointment this week to get the staples removed and then in a month for follow up blood work. He will have scans every 6 months for the next five years and then once a year following. He will also have an annual colonscopy. We will continue to pray for a long healthy live with no recurrence of that dirty awful cancer The chemotherapy regime is still be to determined.

It will take 2-3 more months for Chad to recover before he can return to work but in the mean time, we are going to live day by day and cherish each moments. We'll spend our days laughing, at the baseball field, and surrounded by family and friends.

Cancer sucks These past few months have been more challenging than anything I have ever faced, but there have been some silver linings.

We've grown closer as a couple and Chad has reunited with family and friends which has made a huge difference in his life. And we've reunited with God and found a new home in a church. We both loved the championship game today but we'd be lying if we said we didn't miss being able to go to church. Crazy how life an change on a dime.

I look forward to much more positive energy, encouraging news and a long healthy life with my husband ...

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