Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hospital - Day Four - Physical Therapy

Chad completed his second round of physical therapy today and did so well that they don't want him to come back! (Either that or they think he is a crotchety old man and do not enjoy company) lol! But I will go with the former. Without going into too much detail, his body is functioning as it should and everything is moving in the appropriate fashion!

Dr. Sardi came by and said his incision looked good and even said about going home tomorrow! Granted, he better have been kidding because as well as Chad may be doing I don't think he's quite ready to make the commute back to Kentucky and be without a constant flow of pain medication.

This is the part that concerns me. Chad get injections every day that I will have to administer. I will have to change his dressing and ensure his incision is always clean and doesn't get infected. I know they will give him medication for the pain but there's no way it will compare to what he has here. So I am concerned how he will fare with only a few pills to pop.

God willing though, he is a fast healer and we do everything properly. His recovery will take close to three months. He will have to have colonoscopy's once a year now and he will have scans every so often. We won't know that until we get the lymph node results back. Please continue to pray that those show negative for cancer!

This journey has been so hard but I know we have been blessed. I know it could have been so much worse and the future is unpredictable. But for tonight? I am living in this moment. Knowing my husband is doing well beside me and will continue to fight to overcome this! From now until forever, we have to learn to live for today, cherish each moment and savor each memory. Life is too short to be anything but thankful for each day.

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  1. my prayers have been with you every night. As far as the pain meds go the best option is the phentanyl patch. it's the strongest they have and its a 3 day patch. He can also take hydromorph ( dilaudid ) for any breakthrough pain he is having. I absolutely agree with appreciating what you have every day. I feel pretty good about the results so far and think Chad has many many years ahead. Ypou were blessed the day of the BBQ and the blessings continue. There are just a few things slowing getting home down right away, but it will be soon. Im praying for it too..hugs