Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hospital - Day Five - Ouch!

 At about 4:00 AM Chad ended up getting a sever burn and stabbing pain on his belly. He had some sort of allergic reaction to the tape they used, which has caused redness. He also has this bruise type of wound which is giving him grief. This is the third full day of recovery and we've been told by a few people that the third day is the worse. We're both hoping that is the case and this pain alleviates tomorrow.

Dr. Sardi came by today and it turns out he was serious yesterday when he mentioned being able to go home today. Fortunately they didn't kick us out because there's no effin' way Chad was ready to fend for himself! They have taken him off the IV fluid and drip meds and moved him to pills and the occasional injection for sever pain. I am hoping they let us stay until Saturday but regardless we will be staying in a hotel somewhere until Chad feels he can manage the trip back to Kentucky.

Today was a tough day for me emotionally. I know I need to take each day at a time but I am addicted to reading and researching this disease. I read some posts on the Support Group and people were discussion chemo and re occurrence so naturally I tried to see what was in store for Chad. Which is stupid. Because no one can predict the future but knowing Chad had at least some signet ring cell (the most aggressive type) it still scares the shit out of me. But I need to continue to be positive, continue to believe God intends for Chad to beat this and remind myself that whatever happens, we will always keep fighting.

Dealing with this stuff is just hard. Most of the people I have met in this journey have been such a blessing but there are some people who have left a bad taste in my mouth. The American Cancer Society employees at The Hope Lodge are some of those people. Each encounter I have had with them has been straight up unpleasant.  It is fine if they're unwilling or unable to help but to be so rude to people. They, of all people, should be trained in compassion considering the disease their foundation supports.

But those type of people are in the minority. Most have been kind and caring - like most of our nurses here. Some shine brighter than others, like Susan. All of them have been sweet but Susan is a level above because not only is she good at what she does, she is 'real'. She is someone we would be friends with outside of these walls and who brightens a room just by entering. Being a nurse is hard work, being a nurse in a cancer ward would be beyond difficult. I, for one, am thankful for these angels who work the 'front line'.

Chad is having another rough moment. Not necessarily pain but he feels 'off'. Nauseous, light headed... just doesn't feel 'right'. this shit makes me nervous.  :(


  1. I am sorry that you guys have had a rough day--Prayers and hugs and hopefully tomorrow will be better!


  2. Yeoooowch! I am sorry to read it has been a tough day of recovery :( It will get better every day but a rough road just the same.

    When you are in the whirlwind of all that is happening it is ok to have tons of emotions flying is tough, draining, exhausting! The decisions, the unknown, the worry...its all alot to deal with...I've been there several times so I know what it is like. You've got the right day at a time, be grateful for every day and stay positive.

    Awful that some folks are not so kind or considerate. I bet they would think differently if it was them or a loved one of theirs in your shoes. Have to ignore their bad attitudes and take strength and positivity from the wonderful folks around you like the nurse you mentioned. She sounds like an angel!

    You are doing a great job Shannon and I'll say it again, Chad is a lucky man to have you by his side. Thanks for keeping us updated and continued positive vibes and prayers from Michigan for you both :)


  3. Hang in there, are still ahead!