Monday, March 16, 2015

Go Away You Silly Puss!

Chad's belly is leaking! I will do you all a favor and spare you a photo :oP ! We have an appointment on Wednesday morning to get his staples out (I won't be as kind on Wednesday, prepare yourselves for photographic proof!) and this area that is leaking drained, to avoid infection.

He woke up this morning in some serious pain, leaning on an 8 out of 10. Part of his was his back and part his belly. Chad has always had issues with his Kidney, when he sleeps too long and lays on his back for an extended period of time. The poor babe was so exhausted that he passed out while watching some sport related event and woke up five and a half hours later in pain. The pain sucks, but I am relieved he finally got a few hours of solid sleep.

Today will be a normal day for the Cavitt Clan (I hope)! My house was drained of food while I was away, so I need to make a serious trip to the grocery store. Anyone else love grocery shopping as much as me? *sarcasm* Actually, I am looking forward to doing something 'normal'!

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