Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mini-Surgery Monday

We have an appointment on Monday at the Marion, IL Veteran hospital to get Chad's incision looked at. As mentioned previously, there is some leakage and while it may be normal - they want to be safe over sorry - so we will be meeting a surgeon on Monday who will do a small cut and insert what they call a "whick" (however it is spelled)

Basically, the put some wet gauze and some dry gauze into his belly and pull a bit out day by day and then re apply the dressing. This will remove the liquid to ensure it does not drain into the body. The opening itself will have to heal on its own. It is a minor set-back but in the end, it is better to do what you have to do than risk infection.

The GOOD news about this is that they tested the liquid and did a culture and it came back negative for infection. As always, we'll take our victories when we get them!

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